The Illuminati’s Recruiting? Sign Me Up!



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I’m for the abolishment of all religions! In a utopian world we’d all just say we are “the children of God” and leave it at that. There would be no Jew, Christian or Muslim. I’d be fine with no president and no borders—a kind of heaven-on-earth. These are the things that the Illuminati supposedly want. If I told you I was already a member of the Illuminati I’d have to kill you, so, for the sake of this blog, I’m not a member and I’m only writing to be flippant educate. Let’s get it!

I’ve been looking for the Illuminati headquarters for a long time!

In my travels I’ve been part of several organizations, which could’ve pointed me in the Illuminati direction. I’ve “crossed the burning sands” of fraternal brotherhood. I’ve met those of “this way” and stood shoulder to shoulder in knowledge with those that stand “Perpendicular to the Square.” I even wrote the European Economic Community (EEC) and my mail came back. I went to the United Nations and asked for an Illuminati application and they looked at me crazy. I broke into a meeting of The Bilderberg Group and they threw me out on my ass! I called The Trilateral Commission and asked to join the Illuminati and they gave me the “side-eye” over the phone! And then I took a job as a janitor at the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations and never eavesdropped on a conversation of substance. I even disguised my identity and feigned like I was a Rothschild, a Warburg, a Getty and a Rockefeller! No such luck. And then it hit me—the Illuminati were recruiting right in my face! At the goddamned Burger King on 79th Street! I wanna make it rain/reign with hamburgers and hexagrams! One man’s reign is another man’s rain.

I might be the only pro-Illuminati protagonist in hip-hop.

But really—I am a member of the wanna join the Illuminati—not because I’ve got a “God Complex” like the white man, but because I’ve got a bone to pick with organized religion, who, as far as I can tell, has been the worst criminal in the annals of human history—and they’re telling me that the Illuminati hates religion—sign me the f#*k up!

You Hip-Hop heads kill me! How dare you believe that rappers wanna be a part of the Illuminati, so much so, that they’d “sacrifice” their mother to be part of a secretive organization! In my best Mike Tyson voice, “This is totally ludacrisp!” How many of you would let your moms be killed so that you could become rich and famous? That’s what I thought—none of you, but you’re bound and determined to believe that there are people willing to stoop to such levels of decadence to be on that esoteric (hidden) knowledge tip.

Is there Freemasonry, Satanic and Illuminati imagery in music? Abso-freaking-lutely! So what? There is also misogynistic, homophobic, racist, nationalistic, Christian, vulgar, hateful, and murderous imagery in the music industry—one big pot of Louisiana gumbo. Have as much or little as you like!

Like really, what did the Illuminati ever do to you? Did they rape you? Enslave you? Annihilate your race? Persecute your spiritual beliefs? Steal money from you in the name of God? Oh! That’s right! They worship a fabled and mythological “devil” to hear you tell it. Look! All they wanna do is rule the world! I don’t get all the ado. Everything you say about the Illuminati is some hypothetical, theoretical, postulative, speculative and demagogic gum-flapping! You can’t put your finger on one concrete act of Illuminati complicity—not 9/11, not the music industry and certainly not world affairs. It is all hyperbole. It is all oratorical masturbation!

Can you say that about religion—your religion—whether it be Judaism and its claim to have massacred thousands upon thousands in the Bible? Or Christianity, which made women second-class citizens, demonized homosexuals, and sanctioned that “Peculiar Institution” (American slavery) and the annihilation of the Indigenous Population in the Western Hemisphere—so-called Indians? Or Islam, which wreaked havoc on Africa with its blood-lust for conquest all the way down to 9/11 and under-educates women and empowers tyrants? Even if everything you say about the Illuminati is true (which it ain’t!) it pales in comparison to the s#*t your religion has done! How dare you even fix your mouth and point the finger at the devil-worshiping Illuminati, meanwhile the s#*t you hold sacred (Christianity) has cum-stained lips from sucking the devil’s phallus! It never crosses your mind that not only is the devil-Illuminists working behind the scene, but actively running your religion!

I know what you’re thinking. It’s not the religion, it’s the bad people within religions! Meanwhile, your religion sings, “Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war!” Your religion teaches you that Jihad is prescribed to bring the last message to the world and those virgins in paradise are patiently awaiting your schlong. God is not a Jew, Christian or Muslim, yet we will kill a mofo over said religion in the name of God!

I just don’t f#*king get it! What “could be” weighs heavier than “what really is.” If Satan is really controlling anything in this world, it is religion, not secret organizations.

What do you really have against the Illuminati? Its mythological tie to Satanism? Is that it? Nowhere in the original Illuminati writings are there any talk of devil worship or Satanism. Those claims originated from the Catholic Church’s pogrom* against secret societies, even though they had their own Jesuit order doing secret s#*t. (*POGROM – an organized massacre of helpless people. Put it in your vocab.)

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Most of you have not a clue what the original Illuminati believed in, so let me give you a crash course on Illuminati history. The Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt (1748-1811), a Jew who was raised Catholic who converted to Protestantism. By profession he was a professor of Natural and Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria. He joined the Freemasons in 1774, but was unimpressed with its commitment to esoteric inquiry.

Weishaupt became a “freethinker” who wanted to “perfect” the world and the individual. Weishaupt believed that the world could be perfected if nations and religions were abolished. He was against people owning private property and marriage and he especially hated kings, presidents and monarchs. So, in 1776 he founded this “secret” group called “The Order of Perfectibilists” a.k.a. the Illuminati.

The Illuminati only lasted a mere ten years. The Catholic Church and many governments dropped the hammer on these secret organizations and away they went. But today, the Illuminati looms larger than life in the minds of many people, especially in Hip-Hop circles. We are steeped in mythology and misinformation regarding this group. YouTube is full of videos about the Illuminati and its aim at taking over the music industry and the world. We are spooked beyond all rationality! We say that the Illuminati has some of our favorite rap stars and singers under their spell—Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Diddy, Eminem, Tupac, etc.—that the Illuminati is into devil worship—that they want your soul and require blood sacrifice, murder and homosexual acts as part of their initiation rite. Not an iota of physical, tangible proof, yet we are willing to argue until the sun comes up that the world is under their spell and that one day the Illuminati will run the world.

Newsflash! Every member of the Illuminati are living, breathing (white) men that will die a death just like you and I.

There are numerous problems with this whole Illuminati thingy. First and above all—how arrogant and absurd it is to think that a white organization, which is steeped in “old money” and supposedly old power would want to recruit some rappers that happen to have a few pennies in the bank—some “nouveau riche” (newly rich) niggas that just got some money two days ago!

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Secondly, if the motives of the Illuminati are already known, why are we so afraid that they will succeed, especially in light of the fact that most people are horrified by their beliefs? And thirdly, the Illuminati have been around for over 200 years and still haven’t managed to bring their aims to fruition. The best they can do is f#*k with some rap stars and put subliminal messages in records and videos? Is that it?

Do I believe that the Illuminati is real? Yes! Right about now you’re prolly confused as hell about what I think (as it should be!) In another blog I’ll take you inside what many are calling the Illuminati headquarters, Denver International Airport where the imagery gets no realer! But until then…

If we can believe what the Bible tells us in the Book of Revelations, the New World Order is coming. All these things must come to fruition to fulfill scripture, so why are we so crazy over this? A Christian should be rooting for the Illuminati—yea, carrying the banner of the Illuminati. Why? It’s supposed to usher in the Second Coming of Christ right? Without Judas there was no dying and rising Jesus. Without the Illuminati/New World Order there is no Second Dispensation. Relax. Man-up and accept what your book is teaching you and let the Rain Man do his thingy. For verily (truly) I say unto you, “A change is coming!” If the Illuminati is recruiting, sign me up!


rocsignKhalil Amani writes for DJ Kay Slay’s Originators Magazine & Straight Stuntin Magazine. He is the author of six books, including the ground-breaking book, “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” (iuniverse.com 07). Amani is gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed straight advocate. Visit The Coonerific One at http://www.khalilamani.ning.com Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani. Youtube @ yahweh 12

  • Raw Styl

    boo …the dumbest shit i never should of read

  • Vinsanity

    If the bible is real why doesnt the Devil just read it and change his plan. According to the bible the devil is already here.

    • The Undisputed Leader

      Religion is something I sometimes question but Spirituality is a real thing that gets right to the point. Connect to the spirit, if you don’t trust the book

  • Galactus

    This is supposed to be educational?? becuz i got a distractive ignorant vibe from this article, if AHH wants, i could counter this editorial as to why i believe the illuminati exists and who really is down with this DESTRUCTIVE DECEITFUL PLAN.

  • allhiphopsucks

    wow, this was dumbest sh*t i’ve ever read. this site goes down hill more n more everyday. smh.

  • allhiphopsucks

    was the*

  • Eli Pinilla

    I get what u tryin to say…. but u def went about it in the wrong way. Especially because theres no sayin that if religion didnt exsist, that we as humans wouldnt find some other way to seperate ourselves instead of come together. Raceism, sexism, culture diffrence, classism would all still exsist. And while im not religious( spiritual is more like It) dr martin luther king, malcom x, ghandi, mother terysa, were all religious figuers who helped in issues that had nothing to do with religion……and your crash course on illuminati was simple at best.

  • zack

    Come on man you are sooo wrong on so many different levels. You believe exactly what they want you to believe. They’ve been around since before America was founded. And all those religion you just named have aligned themselves with the illuminati, you’re just too blind to see it. The media controls everything, wake up people were all just sheep.

  • JohnnyQuesst

    Firstly, don’t say that the illuminati wants a “kind of heaven on Earth”, because that is not the case. They want global domination by any means necessary. Financially, mentally, and physically.

    Secondly if you’re calling “hip-hop” heads foolish for thinking one would sacrifice a mom or whoever, do you not think you’re foolish for thinking you could just walk into a building, demand an “application” and get one? On top of that, you know how many people are killing relatives for the dumbest reason? Why would someone kill a parent for not letting them stay out past curfew, but wouldn’t kill that same parent for fame, fortune, power and success?

    You’re not helping with your statements such as “sign me up!” You’re making this organization out to be fictional (so not to even take them or the topic seriously) as well as subliminally getting readers interested in joining

    How do you provide a solution to a problem by helping create that problem?

  • Tonymacq

    It seems like you got your research on the topic from wikipedia and and then used the topic of the illuminati as a conduit to spout a bunch of your opinions on religion. Im not religious either, but your blanket ridicule of it is waaaaay dumber than any belief in secret societies and their role in shaping human history. If you are going to try to dispel something at least know what you are talking about.

    Also what did religion ever do to you? Were you touched by a Catholic priest or something? As Eli pointed out, Gandhi, MLK, Malcolm X, Mother Theresa and countless other great men and women have all followed a religion. Guess what playa, it IS the people not the religion. But your blind hatred doesnt allow you to see that.

    You blaming Islam for 9/11 just shows how much your hatred has blinded you. Your right, it had nothing to do with US policies in the Middle East for the last 75 years. You sound like George Bush “They hate us for our freedom”. FOH with that, aint nobody falling for that lol. I just cant with you anymore. Im out

    • It’s just a theory…..This Illuminati group is interested in rappers? Why? I do agree with something that was said, like why as soon as an everyday joe gains a little bit of success they are considered to be apart of this secret society……………Maybe highly successful people want to be around individuals like themselves….I have observed that only unsuccessful people or successful people who failed are the only ones hyped about this illuminatti presence…..If all they do is try to force us to think a certain way through Hip-Hop and fashion then it’s VERY easy to live a full life without EVER being effected by this secret society, just simply don’t listen to these rappers and don’t buy their products.

      • Tonymacq

        As I said before you disparage something at least bother to learn about it so you know what you’re talking about. NONE of these rappers are in the “illuminati”. The illuminati is just a colloquial term that is used to describe secret societies. And secret societies like the Masons, Rosicrucian Knights Templar etc etc do exist whether people want to admit it or not. Also many men of power like all of America’s founding fathers, presidential candidates and heads of state from around the world have belonged to these organizations over the years, again this is a FACT.

        The media is the conduit through which those with power communicate with the masses. The theory goes that rappers and pop stars like Lady Gaga are not necessarily in the “illuminati” (i really do hate that term) but are merely puppets used to communicate a message. What message is that you may ask? Well just look at the symbolism in Wayne’s “Luv Me” video or Kanye’s “Power” video or really any video Lady Gaga has ever done. It is clear as day if you know what to look for. And if you dont it is being transmitted to your subconscious without you even knowing. Sheep stay asleep, real n****s have woken up

  • larry hose

    so all this Illuminati talk whats the solution? CauseI was watching basketball, Kid hits a 3 pointer and throws up 3 sign with his fingers. Guy next to me says he is illuminati he is throwing up 666 sign. I like come on smh so the Butler Basketball team is illuminati too. You have to admit some of yall be reaching. Like black people cant be successful and have money? we are not allowed to? Why we have to be Illuminati if we want a better life.

    Being poor and hungry is not fun trust me. We was dirt poor coming up. So its two choices if you black. Be black and struggle ur whole life or follow your dreams whatever it is get hot get a little money then your illuminati?

    Thats the basic thing i hear for the last 4 years. If everything is Illuminati what are you prepared to do about it beside make youtube videos. What is your choice of action?

    • The Undisputed Leader

      This is what you gotta do: Become spiritually-guided, like god’s puppet. Do everything that god directs you to do and never go astray and we’ll change the world. Trust Me, I’ve been doin’ this for like two and half years, it’s amazing.

    • Herb_Bane

      Well said. I do agree that a lot of people do be reaching. It seems like everything is associated with illuminati nowadays. “Can’t a young ni**a get money any more?”

    • Q.

      Why does a Black man have to take it up the azz to touch some serious paper? Dave Chapelle walked away from $50M because he didn’t feel comfortable being a coon. They tried to make the brother wear a dress, a Hollywood ritual they’ve enacted many times on Black men to emasculate them in the eyes of the world. They do this as a slight to God.

  • Dwayne Nvo

    nigga this is bullshit

    • andone


  • I do agree that all this talk about the “Illuminati” and no one have any sold proof that their main objective is to do harm to people…….If this secret society wants to join together and change the world, thats fine, they are no different from other social groups or organizations. There are people in this world who don’t believe in the most high, and thats okay.

    • The Undisputed Leader

      smh. That’s not okay. Don’t tell nobody that ever again. I’ve experienced some amazing things spiritually, so I know God is real. Believing in God is a serious deal but you gotta encounter the signs to believe but if somebody doesn’t believe, then they need to be lead into spirituality to learn for themselves and become believers, otherwise life is meaningless.

      • I agree, but people believe in what they want to believe in…You can’t force people to follow your beliefs.

      • The Undisputed Leader

        It’ll be a sure fact to them once they see what I be seein’. That’s all I’m saying

  • The Undisputed Leader

    Illuminati is like the biggest thing right now! It’s real but how many times do we have to say that rappers are not in it, Billionaires, Trillionaires and some millionaires are though. They’re white people and they are racist, in the top ranks of the White Brotherhood. They don’t care about us, they live for self and they’re involved in everything from politics to the entertainment industry. They just work their hands to poison us with negative music, tv, movies and other things that are meaningless like certain electronics and shit to keep you distracted…

  • Aaron Davis

    I’m not an illuminati expert but have resarched alot of this secret group of bankers & other elites who have a clear control of politics and the White House. To understand who really has control over America (or atleast a strong massive amount of influence) one has to have an above average knowledge of history which alot of ppl dont becuz there’s certain shit they dnt teach you in school & isnt reported on the national media. Ameria was bought & sold in 1913 with the creation of the Fed Reserve which is the biggest on-going scam in American history..In relations to hip-hop, there’s definetly some connections that can be made but the most important thing is their control over politicians…Rappers arent apart of this real secret society cuz they dont get the invite to Bilderberg group meeting, Bohemian Groove or anything like that. Those attendees are more part of this elite group than any of these rappers or artists.

  • Q.

    “Amani is gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed straight advocate. Visit The Coonerific One at….”

    That about sums up the credibility of this article. LOL SMH

    • Aaron Davis

      Alex Jones has actually awaken me to the real shit dats goin on in politics & the world so I dnt beleive he cud a double-agent. It is shocking that he’s managed to stay alive & Im not saying it’s not possible dat he cud be a traitor but if that’s true, he’s the worst traitor ever. He exposes everything that these elitists do & also is a christian.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Alex jones is said to work for the cia…..cant call it. He did sneak into the bohemoian grove and record the ritual. Again, cant call it

      • Q.

        Either that, or they let him in. Mind you, B. Grove footage was online prior to Alex Jones talking about it, so, again, he hasn’t revealed anything new yet that I’ve seen. …If this cat puts his life on the line for a Black or Latino man, I’ll trust him. LOL

      • Eli Pinilla

        Thats why Ive always apreciated william cooper. Some of the shit he said might be out there, but he was true to the cause. And he died by it like he said he would. Sent his wife and daughter to china so the gov couldnt get em

      • Q.

        I think you responded to the wrong comment, but it’s all good. Yeah, bro, I appreciate that you got useful info from Jones. The info itself isn’t the problem; I personally don’t trust the cat. There’s intel that points to him being a Jesuit, i.e. he’s down with the enemy he proclaims to be against. I pay attention to people like him who put themselves out there as champions of the people. People will reveal themselves over time; I saw the interview he did with Immortal Tech, and peeped how he kept talking over Tech. Now, either he’s a blowhard azzhole, or he was doing that deliberately to limit any additional knowledge that Tech might’ve dropped… But like I was saying, these people’s role now is to confirm the info that we’re ALREADY aware of and misdirect our energies in ways that undermine our best interests. Alex Jones, for example didn’t research and reveal all of this info himself. He’s well-versed with a lot of factual knowledge, but there were master teachers in the 80s-90s who dropped game. A lot of these new-agers are Johnny-come-lately’s, IMHO. Most importantly…Jones doesn’t deal with any spiritual/metaphysical science, which is key to deciphering anything Illuminati-related. I hear a lot of talk from him about gun rights, which is irrelevant to the science of coming into our divinity… IMO!

      • Aaron Davis

        Yea I dnt agree with every view that he has & he definetly has a dominating personality when it comes to interviews sometimes. I just give him props for providing an alternate news outlet & having a very thorough understanding of actual history. He’s not afraid to be critical of the gov’t & America needs more ppl like that in general. The corrupt politics that we have in this country is wat allows for these secret societies to exist & become powerful. Im not saying it wud be impossible for him to be an agent I just think he exposes too much info for that to be true. But the best thing is for ppl to go out & find this information out for themselves so that we all can find ways to improve our country

      • Q.

        His understanding isn’t that thorough, if he can’t tell you where the whole shit originated. The original Illuminati were Black men, the Mystics of NE Africa aka Kemet, and they weren’t initated for evil purposes, necessarily. The new-agers never go that deep, because they’re still dealing with a Euro-centric frame of reference, which is limited, and ultimately dishonest. They don’t dive beyond the surface of true history.

  • Kellz Elite

    lol…Quote:”Weishaupt believed that the world could be perfected if nations and
    religions were abolished. He was against people owning private property
    and marriage and he especially hated kings, presidents and monarchs.” NEW WORLD ORDER. They use rappers b/c lost people look up to other lost people (that happen to be rappers) & follow. They greatest trick the Devil has pulled is to make people think he’s not real. He has an expected end (that’s soon to come & he’s trying to take everyone with him). Kinda like recruiting. Kinda like what you’re doing. It controls Hollywood. Why do you think a demonic movie is being release every month now? B/c the more we see it, we’ll see it as being a harmless fiction horror movie & that demons aren’t real…their real. You think you’re being enlighten but you’re actually being blinded. Theyre trying to take away the guns b/c when the New World Order is implemented you will not be able to defend for yourselves and you gotta take the chip homie. You’re always being watched (Big Brother style…cell phones, social media etc)…Ask Chappelle why he just up and ran to Africa to hide…Ask Martin why he was running in the street saying they’re trying to kill me. Ask Katt Williams why he’s angry and going through drama(Kattacalpyse he told you what they were trying to do to him). The list goes on…The Bible said in the last days the word was going to be spread throughout the world so people could say they havent heard of him. People dont go to church anymore. People dont read. So he’ll get to you through tv….& the highest rated show on the TV today is…wait for it…wait for it…The Bible….so its no denying it…You heard about him & you’ve made your decision on who you where going to follow. It’s kinda funny how people hate the bible but theyre always curious about it(highest rated show). Does that mean people are living in denial or people just lost? People pray to the universe nowadays…ha….who created the universe…Big bang? Who created the big bang? Scientist couldnt even predict that meteor that exploded over Russia.

    But thats whats up partna…do yah thang.

  • Q.

    Dear Brothas and Sistas,

    This Khalil cornball double-talked and contradicted himself so many damn times, I could barely keep up. I think the clown actually confused himself talking in an endless circle.

    This is a classic example of the new tactic the devils are using to keep their lifeline going: it’s called MISDIRECTION. See, they know that we are finally waking up and coming into this knowledge on a mass scale. So what they’re doing now is planting double agents (eg. Alex Jones) who pretend like they’re on your side. They spit all the buzzwords and so-called esoteric references to confirm the information that you’re coming into, to make themselves seem truthful and credible–this is how they hook you. They know that they can’t outright LIE to us anymore, so they affirm the info, then diminish its importance. In other words, they regurgitate truthful info, while mixing in a bunch of horsesh!t to confuse your mind, attempting to take you off your square by motivating you or de-motivating you to do things against your better interests. This is an advanced psychological tactic, a higher level of counterintelligence. It’s a sign of Desperation.

    Most people are aware to some degree of the subliminal and overt Satanic/Luciferian messages and imagery in pop culture/mass media. We now know that the elite communicate through symbols to signify intent and mark their assets. People are somewhat aware of the symbols and have heard of the rituals, but lack the understanding of the metaphysics/magic behind them. Some people are willing to do the research, though most won’t. All you need to do is look at the state of world around you and trace the cause to the effect of it’s depraved condition. Look at who’s working to maintain the system that has Humanity in a lowly state–these people are your ENEMIES. The ones who are working to reform/revolutionize that system may be your ALLIES, depending on which side of the chessboard you represent. DUALITY is an experiment which has revealed its flaws. Endless competition for finite resources is not a worthy objective. The goal is and always has been to Know Thy Self. But these devils, especially these cowardly, slave-azz BLACK DEVILS, will have you thinking otherwise. All they’re doing is wasting your time, trying to bring you down with them. If you’re on the path of Knowledge already…keep walking! All the answers are in YOU.

  • Jesus of Nazareth

    Can’t believe there’s people, especially grown men stupid enough to believe in the “Illuminati”. The people that controls America doesn’t need to hide themselves.

    • And you are silly to think that everyone believes in God.

      • Jesus of Nazareth

        I think that?

    • The Undisputed Leader

      I’ve done extensive research and I’m here to tell you that you have to blind not see the evidence especially with that Skull And Bones Avatar that you have…

      • Jesus of Nazareth

        I wouldn’t qualify conspiracy literature as research. I have read “Apocalypse Culture 1 and 2” so I know the kind of laugh out loud BS they call evidence.

      • The Undisputed Leader

        Hollywood Movies from before the illuminati got popular show all the signs, people were blind to it back then. What about the 9/11 ritual at ground zero where the soldiers formed the eye? Shit, CBS has been around for like 60 years or something, they’re logo has always been “the eye”.

        My point is, I’m a very rational and observant person, I’m not easily fooled and from what I’ve seen, these people exist and even if they didn’t, there’s enough devil worship and stuff to make me understand that this world isn’t right.

      • Jesus of Nazareth

        That’s exactly my point. If they wanted to be secret they wouldn’t use such a known symbol they would be more low key. And everyone knows that most presidents from Washington to at least Bush Sr where all Freemasons. Kennedy being an unpopular Catholic outsider paid for it. Plus all the Masonic symbols in DC. In the militarily with the skull of Geronimo and all that. My point is that they are just rich powerful people hanging out with other rich powerful people. It might seem secret to you and me only because we don’t hang out with them. But they aren’t hiding their actions whatsoever. It’s basically a college fraternity.

      • The Undisputed Leader

        It’s not an absolute secret anymore because people have noticed their signs but it was under wraps before and just because we know some of what they’ve done doesn’t mean that we know all of what they’ve done because it’s a secret, lol

  • Nicolas Segreti

    This blog is a joke. How does the writer and probably only writer for all hip hop know so much about the aluminati? Does youtube videos help you? This was my favorite website and when you touch topics like this i think you be careful how you approach it? LOL Sign me up? Syke you dont know shit and neither do I these are secret societies get off youtube and wikipedia…

  • brotha_man

    if you wanna be shown the light, join the free mason. for i have already traveled east

  • john

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  • louis

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  • Illuminati Elder

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  • Illuminati Elder

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