Maya Azucena: Who’s That Girl?

Refreshingly authentic artists are always welcome on the R&B stage. While you probably wouldn’t recognize her face, Maya Azucena’s (pronounced AH-zoo-SAY-na) sugary voice—a concoction of soul, Hip-Hop, and funk with a little bit of rock—reverberates across television screens daily. The well-traveled Brooklynite first gained notice doing live shows with her aptly-titled ‘Band’ at local New… Read more »



Jamie Hector: Calming Force, Pt 1

With only one season under his belt, Marlo Stanfield all but took over prime street corners in HBO’s hit series The Wire. Brooklyn-born actor Jamie Hector plays the sadistically driven drug lord who quickly riveted Wire fans already captivated by the show’s authentic portrayal of urban street affairs. But from Hector’s amicable demeanor recently at… Read more »



Al Green: Dropping Gems

Do you know that Suge Knight is rumored to lift weights to Al Green everyday? Clearly, RZA, Kanye West, and even Ganja K have proven that Al Green is required in any producer’s listening exercises. In the privacy of cars and showers, we all mimic one of the greatest voices in musical history. With the… Read more »



Yara: Heart’s Desire

Frankly, today’s up-and-coming R&B divas seem to be cut from the same never-ending cloth. Their back-stories rarely differ from those of their peers, sticking mainly to either earning stripes as part of a group or through a co-sign from an industry heavyweight. Thankfully, newcomer Yara is far from typical. The 21-year-old singer/model sports a bio… Read more »



Nafeesa Monroe: Phenomenal Woman

Martin Luther King Jr. once said that ignoring Gandhi was our own risk. There is nothing wrong with taking a trip to the “Candy Shop” with 50 Cent, but ignoring young, educated and inspirational artists such as Nafeesa Monroe might be our biggest mistake. Without taking any credibility from other, more pop-oriented artists out there,… Read more »



Thara: Next Up

Doing a double take on Thara? Can’t put your finger on how you know that face? Well, it could be a number of things, because this half-caste beauty has been in numerous videos, commercials and print ads. She is also the first lady of DJ Clue’s Desert Storm label, and with a bit of help… Read more »



Amerie: Perfect Fit, Pt 1

Amerie is no diva. She’s perfectly fine doing her own laundry, she loves being the underdog, and she doesn’t understand people with identity issues. While some may have trouble connecting with their different races, she insists that she has always been secure with herself. And though the 25-year-old singer remains slightly under the radar in… Read more »