Lil’ Mo: Real Big

Petite, blue-haired vixen Lil’ Mo has returned to the block, this time as a member of the southern-dominated Cash Money stable. The Long Island native who has sanctified hooks for Missy Elliot, Jay-Z and Fabolous to name a few, also paired with Ja Rule on such hits as “Put It On Me” and “I Cry”… Read more »



Mario: Time For Change

Like a proud parent watching his or her child successfully progress through maturity, R&B listeners have both seen and heard the effortless progression of velvet voiced Mario. Two years ago, the Baltimore native was crooning about such innocent affairs as hair braiding and the always dreaded “friend zone”, but these days adult feelings such as… Read more »



Aaries: Only The Best

The idea of ‘singing twins’ oozes of a contrived marketing gimmick, however the buzz surrounding identical twin singing group Aaries has not dissipated since their subtle emergence in 1999. You might remember hearing fellow Philadelphian artist Musiq speaking highly of Ayana and Ayinke whenever he found the opportunity. Aaries’ vocals can be heard all over… Read more »



Chaka Khan: Still Every Woman

The year was 1984, and the streets were ablaze with Chaka Khan’s hot single, “I Feel For You”. Although many of us happened across her albums while rifling through our parents’ stacks of vinyl, this Chaka definitely wasn’t the same Chaka our parents bumped during their basement house parties. This Chaka took a chance with… Read more »



Van Hunt: Next Level

Dionne Farris grabbed the attention of music fans in 1997 when her hit single “Hopeless” appeared on the Love Jones soundtrack. However, few took notice of the person behind the lyrics, a soft-spoken musician named Van Hunt. Rather than jump and scream for attention, he calmly waited in the wings before making his grand entrance… Read more »



Keyshia Cole: It’s Like That

Oakland-raised songstress Keyshia Cole got her first big recording opportunity from MC Hammer while she was barely a teenager. Growing up in Oakland wasn’t easy for her, but Keyshia managed to follow the right path to build a reputation in the Bay Area music scene. She was enlisted by the likes of Messy Marv and… Read more »



Christion: The Rebirth

No matter how much, or how little, you know about Christion, the truth is that Roc-A-Fella Records gave birth to this creation, introducing the world to a male duo with a rare sound that could transcend time and hold true to the roots of Blues, Soul, & Jazz. Damon Dash was the first to recognize… Read more »