Lady Saw: Respect Due

Sex is the world’s first industry and the oldest known profession. If used for the purpose of selling something, it can become a viable asset and tool for what you do. Lady Saw learned this lesson a long time ago, and she is reaping the fruits of her expertise. Having been Jamaica’s leading sex symbol… Read more »



Mo’Nique: First Lady Of Laughter

Comedic genius is often measured by the ability to attach laughter to some of life’s most troublesome issues. Mo’Nique is a master of intertwining comedy and confusion, and she has brought happiness to millions of people with her “take no prisoners” brand of humor. The Baltimore comedienne is best known for her now syndicated sitcom,… Read more »



Roy Ayers: Feel the Vibe, Pt 1

Roy Ayers has experienced an unparalleled life in music. Born and raised in Los Angeles, the Jazz vibraphonist has enjoyed a phenomenal career that spans five decades and even more musical genres, including Jazz, Funk and Disco, to name a few. Whether his music is sparking countless games of “Who sampled that?” or he himself… Read more »



Raphael Saadiq: Still Ray

You can call Raphael Saadiq a lot of things: singer, songwriter, and producer are the first to come to mind. The former Tony Toni Toné lead singer has spent the better part of the last decade establishing himself as a one-man showcase for urban music, crafting hits for the likes of D’Angelo, Total, and, of… Read more »



Saul Williams: Word Perfect

MC. Poet. Rock Star. Actor. Writer. Activist. Artist. B-Boy. Saul Williams carries many titles, only some will he admit. While he’s been in the inner-circle of Hip-Hop for the last half decade plus, he’s still unknown to many despite his many mediums. His debut album was largely misunderstood and mistimed, but Saul has returned in… Read more »



Toshi: Beyond Barriers

In 2000 you might remember seeing a video on BET’s Midnight Love that featured this Asian cat singing soul music. His name is Toshi, and while he might be a hazed memory to you, he is hysterically famous in his native Japan, and he is famous for being a soul singer. Toshi was introduced to… Read more »



Ozomatli: Activism with a Beat

When Ozomatli’s sophomore album, Embrace The Chaos, was released on September 11, 2001, it sat in vacant record stores all over the country as all eyes and hearts were fixated on the most catastrophic day in contemporary American history. While our entire country paused to absorb the magnitude of 9/11, Ozomatli felt it important to… Read more »



Michael Eric Dyson: Politic Ditto

It appears that this election year the actions of our President and the current world situation have energized everyone, even the usually apathetic, to become involved in the political equation. Whether you disagree or agree with our Presidents decisions in the last four years, our country is collectively galvanized to express their political voice, especially… Read more »



James Poyser: The Soul Innovator

Erykah Badu’s debut album, Baduizm, marked the beginning of a unique blend of old school soul with Hip-Hop sensibility that would dominate and influence the way soul was done from that point forward. Since then, artists like The Roots, Lauryn Hill, D’Angelo, Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton, Common, Talib Kweli, Bilal, and Musiq have all released… Read more »



Lamon Brewster: Mama Said Knock You Out

Boxing has been sharply criticized lately with some extremely controversial calls that many affiliated with the sport are furious over. The latest mêlée at Mandalay Bay was the title bout between defending World Boxing Organization champion Lamon Brewster and Pan Pacific Heavyweight titleholder Kali “Checkmate” Meehan. The split decision left a sour taste, once again,… Read more »