Christion: The Rebirth

No matter how much, or how little, you know about Christion, the truth is that Roc-A-Fella Records gave birth to this creation, introducing the world to a male duo with a rare sound that could transcend time and hold true to the roots of Blues, Soul, & Jazz. Damon Dash was the first to recognize… Read more »



Ms. Thing: New Sensation

It’s been some time since Americans have given major radio support to a female Dancehall or Reggae star. Ms. Thing began her Jamaican invasion by ripping the hook for Beenie Man’s massive hit, “Dude”. Now she offers up her solo debut, Miss Jamaica, to the world. The record sports production from legendary Reggae producer Dave… Read more »



Ashanti: Princess Cut

When Ashanti Douglas exploded onto the music scene in 2002, she was introduced to the world as the “Princess of R&B”, designated as such by her Murder Inc. mentors. Since then, the Long Island native has worn her bequeathed crown well, from singing hooks in Big Pun’s “How We Roll” and Ja Rule’s “Always on… Read more »



TQ: Handling Business

There is a good chance that you haven’t heard from TQ since 1998, when he debuted on Epic Records with his genre bending album They Never Saw Me Comin’. His soulful crooning was not your usual brand of “love me down” belting, but was rather a virtual reflection in theme and lyricism of the hard… Read more »



Toccara: Big Girls Rule

Television’s newest reality superstar, Toccara, was recently eliminated from Season Three of Tyra Banks’ popular show, America’s Next Top Model. Regardless, that is not going to stop the Ohio native from achieving her goal of becoming the first plus-size super model of the world. Although naturally bodacious Toccara had to endure weeks of constant critique… Read more »



Jon B: Soulful Awakening

Respect goes a long way in this world, and having it breeds success in its own right – even if the accolades are minimal. R&B veteran Jon B definitely has respect, and with nearly ten years in the game he has created an impressive trail of hits and a legion of loyal fans. Having collaborated… Read more »



Urban Mystic: Spiritual Minded

In today’s industry, R&B artists still in their teenage years typically follow the same mold as those before them: either being thrown into a marketable group aimed at breaking young girls’ hearts, or enjoying solo exposure while singing about typical heartbreak stories and generic ballads. Regardless, after one listen to the break-through single “Where Were… Read more »



Lady Saw: Respect Due

Sex is the world’s first industry and the oldest known profession. If used for the purpose of selling something, it can become a viable asset and tool for what you do. Lady Saw learned this lesson a long time ago, and she is reaping the fruits of her expertise. Having been Jamaica’s leading sex symbol… Read more »