Joi : Wild Flower, Pookie Pt 2

With twelve years and four critically acclaimed albums on her resume, Joi is definitely no stranger to the ups and downs that the music industry offers. The story of her career reads like a never-ending roller coaster, going round-n-round, up-n- down, never stopping along the way. In 2004, she plans to rewrite her history book… Read more »



Truth: Pookie Series Pt 1

Anyone who knows who Truth is knows she was lied to from the very beginning. She was on the verge of becoming R&B’s next big thing, but it never happened. Her debut single, “Addictive,” blew away mainstream listeners across the globe, but that’s as far as it went. Although Truth was the victim of another… Read more »



Santi White: Stiffed

Although the name Santi White may be unfamiliar to you, her emotions and lucid lyrical prowess are more known to you than you may know. As the scribe of 11 out of the 12 songs on the highly acclaimed How I Do album by Res, Santi White was instantly praised and acknowledged by the critical… Read more »



Saul Williams: Deep Thought

When Chuck D becomes President, who will deliver the presidential poem at his inaugaration? I suggest Saul Williams. Without Saul’s film Slam, would Def Poetry Jam be so popular? Without Saul’s books, the hip-hop section might be reduced to rapper autobiographies and books on Tupac. Without Saul’s album, our ears might not be ready for… Read more »



Al Jarreau: Class Act

Pioneer. Trendsetter. World-renowned. Legend. Choose any list of adjectives you can conceive, and none of them can accurately describe what Al Jarreau has accomplished in almost 40 years in the music business. He is the only vocalist, male or female, in history to win Grammy awards in three different categories (jazz, pop, and R&B, respectively)…. Read more »



Peaches: Queen of Electro-Punk

This is a trite bit personal. Peaches? She is simply fu**ing amazing. I was first introduced to her music from my co-worker at the office. I couldn’t believe my ears. She was saying all the stuff that my mouth wanted to say. Making songs that my ears always wanted to hear. Peaches is musical liberation… Read more »



Ishmael Butler : Cherrywine

In the early nineties a young insect by the name of Butterfly founded an insect collective called the Digable Planets. With Ladybug and Doodlebug by his side, Butterfly had all us earthlings expressing how cool we were with the infectiously jazzy “Cool Like Dat.” The Digable Planets dropped two hip hop gems in 1993’s Reachin’… Read more »



Sean Paul: Reggae’s Rock

He is single-handedly one of the most popular dancehall artists to emerge from Jamaica. Many will remember him from his 1996 single, “Deport Them” which garnered much success in urban radio, especially Hot 97. He has been burning up the charts since last year with his successful crossover single, “Give Me the Light”. The man… Read more »



KNAGUI : True Love

He is not Kirk Franklin. And while newcomer KNAGUI (pronounced NUH-guy) has mad love for Kirk and his pioneering work to diversify today’s urban music scene, he wants to make a name for himself in a Franklin-dominated market. Knagui’s debut album, The Meaning of Love, with its high quality sound and notably risky covers of… Read more »



Zab Judah: BK’s Champion

Zab “Super” Judah’s ability to punish as a boxer has rarely been questioned, but as a hip-hop CEO? In July, the newly appointed WBO Junior Welterweight Champion pounded Demarcus “Chop Chop” Corley despite breaking his hand in the third round. Of course he’s got other rumbles on deck, but in the interim, the Brooklyn native… Read more »