The Last Word: Alicia Keys Becomes a Bodyguard, R. Kelly is a “Screamer,” and Jermaine Dupri Discovers Four Ways to Get You Wet

How’s life, everyone? Slowly but surely, we arrive at the end of another week. With a moderate 5.4 earthquake shaking up California, XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio finalizing their long-awaited merger, and the House of Representatives passing a resolution apologizing for slavery and the Jim Crow era, there was something to talk about… Read more »



Janelle Monae: Alice in Wondaland

“I really would prefer this side,” Janelle Monae coos. The Atlanta native is nothing but classy even as she instructs the AllHipHop staff to switch seats because like she said, she prefers her left side. The Bad Boy artist is thoughtful, and her outfit reflects her thoughtfulness as she switches seats and neatly places her… Read more »



The Last Word: Ne-Yo’s On Michael Jackson’s Comeback, Rihanna Talks Tomboys and Light Skin, and Timberlake Pees In the Presence of Michael Jordan!

What’s shakin’ everybody? Another five gone down, another bit of loose change made. With Hurricane Dolly causing damage in Texas, Danica Patrick and Milka Duno catfighting on the racetrack, WNBA players brawling on the court, and John McCain trying to get some attention away from Barack Obama’s international trip overseas, it was just another week… Read more »



Teairra Mari: Former Princess of Roc-A-Fella Discusses Her Split From Jay-Z and Move to Interscope

It’s been two years since proclaimed princess of The Roc, Teairra Mari, stepped out the shower onto a clean slate when she received the fateful telephone call ending her contract with Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam. She released her debut Roc-A-Fella Presents: Teairra Mari spawning the major hit “Make Her Feel Good,” hoisting her to #5 on the… Read more »



Trials of TQ: The Buck Starts Here

ALLHIPHOP CELEBRATES INDEPENDENCEBack in 1999, I performed at the World Wide Sony Music Convention in Miami… I blew the roof off that bitch. Point Blank. That day I learned the most valuable and important thing in my career. Two guys pulled me to the side in the hallway after my performance. They were pretty high… Read more »



The Last Word: Keri Hilson Says No to Sex with Timbaland and Polow Da Don, Rihanna Gets Tattooed, and Chris Brown Bones With TI!!!

What’s good, folks? We have arrived at the end of another week. From the New Yorker catching heat over running a controversial cartoon cover of Barack and Michelle Obama to Anheuser-Busch being sold to a Belgian company to baseball fans taking in this year’s all-star game, it was another active five days. Congratulations to Black Eyed… Read more »



Get To Know: Jayms Madison

Artist: Jayms Madison Location: New York, NY Influences: Prince, Tina Turner, Nikka Costa, Imogen Heap, Dakota Staten Why You Should Know Jayms Madison: Within in her 20 years of existence, Jayms Madison is experiencing first-hand what many singer/songwriters strive to accomplish with an award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame at age 19, studio time with rap mogul Sean… Read more »



The Last Word: Beyonce’s Breasts Lost, Teairra Mari Talks Def Jam, and Mariah Carey Gets Kidnapped?

Hello, planet Earth. Here we are for another round after the Rev. Jesse Jackson apologizes for what he called “crude and hurtful” remarks geared toward Barack Obama, new DNA tests clear all members of Jon Benet Ramsey’s family of the young beauty contestant’s 1996 murder, and rumors of Brett Favre coming out of retirement to… Read more »



Michelle Williams Talks Her New Album, Rumors of Beyonce’s Pregnancy, and the Destiny’s Child Reunion

Having been a member of the biggest selling female group of all time Destiny’s Child for more than eight years, Michelle Williams is re-embarking on her solo career. With a single out and a hotly anticipated album on the way, Williams is preparing to silence the naysayers.In this in-depth interview, the 27-year-old star opens up… Read more »



The Last Word: Winehouse Gets Waxed, Usher Aims to Play Marvin Gaye and New Edition Reunites to Collab with New Kids on the Block!

How’s everything going, everybody? Happy 4th of July! It was a short week as former vice president Al Gore officially endorsed Barack Obama for President, while jazz singer Rene Marie caught a lot of attention for singing the Black National Anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” when she was asked to perform the “Star Spangled… Read more »



Declaration of Independence: Olivia (formerly of G-Unit)

ALLHIPHOP CELEBRATES INDEPENDENCEOlivia is misunderstood. The former G-Unit vixen mistakenly started out as balladeer-turned-rapper once she became Clive Davis’ first signee to J Records (contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t Alicia Keys). That was the origin of the misunderstanding, so the classically trained artist lost her top spot to the girl with the piano and… Read more »



The Last Word: Kelly Rowland Takes an HIV/AIDS Test For Staying Alive, Justin Timberlake Reveals His OCD, and D’Angelo Is Back In the Studio

What’s cookin’ people? Five slow days gone and one fast weekend to go digesting crazy wildfires in California, Ralph Nader claiming that Barack Obama is “talking white” in order to attract voters and North Korea making good on its promise to open up about its nuclear program in an effort to get off the US… Read more »



The Neo-Soul Family Tree

Neo-Soul, Neo-Soul. Where for arte thou, Neo-Soul? With all due respect to R&B/Soul’s subgenre, Neo-Soul never really left, but became an acceptable addition to the R&B family (sans title). Kedar Massenburg of Motown coined the term at a time when the delineation between watery Pop-R&B and real live Soul became foggy. Many multifaceted talents were… Read more »



The Last Word: Bobby Brown’s Son “Un”Sexed Lindsay Lohan, Alicia Keys Considers Adoption, and J-Lo and Mary J Are Good Samaritans!

What’s the fuss, ladies and gents? We’ve made it through another five days, and the weekend is calling. This week proved to be filled with a mix of stuff like same sex- couples getting married in California after the state legalized same-sex marriages and Tiger Woods taking the rest of the year off winning the… Read more »



Catch a Fire: How Reggae and Dancehall Scorched the US. Part Three: The late ’90s to today

1996 – Shaggy sold platinum and received a Grammy Award for Boombastic.1996 – The Fugees released the R&B/Hip-Hop/Reggae infused album, The Score, with hits including a cover of Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly” and Wyclef’s cover of Bob Marley’s “No Woman Nuh Cry.” The album went on to sell more than 17 million copies.1996 –… Read more »



The Last Word: One-Year Anniversary Awards Starring T-Pain, D’Angelo, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, and more!

How are you? Another week, another 15 cents made, and we’re still around to tell the story about how Mother Nature is causing floods, hot weather and tornadoes around the country.Apple unveils a new iPhone, Big Brown disappoints a lot of people by coming in dead last at the Belmont Stakes and a CNN investigation… Read more »



Catch a Fire: How Reggae and Dancehall Scorched the US. Part Two: The ’80s to mid ’90s

1980sThe 1980s signaled the birth of an additional musical era, and the slow demise of another. With the help of producer King Jammy and musicians Steely and Clevy, Dub made way for a faster, more aggressive tone with artists deejaying (and rapping) over drum machines instead of acoustic sets. In prior years, more sound selectors… Read more »



Catch a Fire: How Reggae and Dancehall Scorched the US. Part One: The ’60s and ’70s

“What? An era in Reggae and Dancehall before Sean Paul and Sean Kingston? Nooo! I’ll never let go of my notion; I’ll never let go!”Many of you have had that one conversation with a youngling when you’ve tried to explain who DJ Kool Herc, Alton Ellis, Shabba Ranks, Supercat or even Shinehead were. Instead, as… Read more »



The Last Word: Chris Brown to Play Elvis, Bobby Brown Talks About Jumping Usher, and Michael Jackson Is Too Scared to Perform on Idol!

What’s good, good folks? After a little more than week on the left coast, I’m back on the job. Many thanks to Kiko for subbing for me last week. R.I.P. to music pioneer, Bo Diddley, who left a priceless musical legacy. Shout out to Barack Obama, who continues to make history with a confirmed lock on… Read more »



The Last Word: Ray J Gets Caught With PCP, Usher Has a Fit, Kelly Rowland Gets Clocked On Gay Day!

The views expressed in the Last Word are not the views expressed by This is purely for entertainment value.So they got me on The Last Word this week while Chris Richburg is chillin’ on the West Coast. Isn’t that the best news since Flavor Flav promised there wouldn’t be another season of Flavor of… Read more »



Get To Know: Dallas Austin’s Latest Recruit Colin Munroe and His Remake of Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights”

If you were born in Canada, sharing a birthday with your idol Paul McCartney, and listening to J Dilla while growing up, you might end up a little like Colin Munroe. A producer and writer from the suburbs of Ottawa, Munroe was pretty well know, having worked with Ray Robinson, Chauncey Black (formerly of Blackstreet),… Read more »



Sound-Off: Really Rihanna?

The views expressed in this Sound-Off are not the views expressed by’s me again. I’ve got more stuff to scream about, ‘cause I’m angrier than Amy Winehouse is when she’s out of crack!So this past week I was hanging out with MC Hammer ,because I have dance lessons with him 3X a week. While… Read more »



The Last Word: Rihanna & Chris Brown Made Out at KFC and Got Some Free Chicken, Solange Talks Beyonce, and Houston Speaks Out About His Missing Eye!

What’s up folks? It’s the end of the week, and I couldn’t be any more ready for the weekend. With the NBA playoffs happening, as well as Sen. Ted Kennedy being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor after being admitted to the hospital, it’s been another eventful five. Congratulations to Jessica Alba, who married her boyfriend… Read more »



The Hip-Pop Takeover: Jesse McCartney

A couple of months before Jesse McCartney’s 21st birthday, a new video hit the web for his new single “Leavin’” written by The-Dream and Tricky. The track’s clear R&B arrangement and video surprised some, even getting a famous Liberace-inspired blogger to rave about McCartney’s grown-up image. Jesse McCartney is one of those former Disney tween… Read more »



Ashanti: On Murder Inc, Nelly, and Her Brand New Declaration

Dubbed, “The Princess Of R&B” in 2002, the chart-topping phenomenon known as Ashanti has returned to the forefront with her fourth coming album, The Declaration, with a new executive producing title to match. Working alongside all-star producers like Babyface, L.T. Hutton, Jermaine Dupri, Rodney Jerkins, Bryan Michael Cox, and Pharrell, Ashanti shares her involvement with… Read more »



Sound-Off: Really R. Kelly?

The views expressed in this Sound-Off are not the views expressed by’m back to give you more of my wonderful insight because I love you all like Nick Cannon loves Mariah’s accountant. (I hear they ain’t got no pre-nup!)So these past few weeks, if you’ve turned on the TV or read newspapers or blogs,… Read more »



The Last Word: Ashanti Wants a Dozen Kids, Beyonce Gets Busted By the Moral Police for “Mature” Kids Clothing Ads, and D’Angelo is Back! (sort of)

What’s good, everyone? Another five days of poli-tricks, natural disasters and spending an arm and leg at the gas station. That pretty much sums up the week, with John Edwards endorsing Barack Obama, thousands of people missing or dead in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in China, and polar bears being listed as threatened… Read more »



Sound-Off: Really Mariah?

The views expressed in this Sound-Off are not the views expressed by’m back with more of my crazy opinions, because I love you all like Catholic priests love attention from young altar boys!So I was at my local high school handing out my number to girls turning 18 (16 is the new 18 right… Read more »



The Last Word: R Kelly’s Threesome Lands Him in More Hot Water, Amy Winehouse Gets a Request From Nelson Mandela, and Bootsy Collins Honors James Brown

What’s good, planet Earth? It was a slow five days, but we’ve made it to another weekend. With Hillary and Barack splitting the Indiana and North Carolina votes between the two of them, a devastating cyclone killing more than 22,000 people in Myanmar and Kobe Bryant capturing his first MVP award, it was another day… Read more »