The Last Word: Jamie Foxx to Take “Wanda” to the Big Screen Vivica A. Fox Has a Thing For Zac Efron and Rihanna Plans a Tour!

What’s good my fellow Wordians? The weekend is finally showing itself and I could not be any happier.  From the 10th anniversary of the Columbine shooting to the Craigslist killer being caught by the cops to Perez Hilton beefing with Miss California over a question that probably caused her to lose the Miss USA pageant,… Read more »



You Know I Got Soul: Twista

This edition of You Know I Got Soul features one of the fastest rappers to ever grace a microphone. Hailing from Chi-Town, Twista’s fast way of rapping was his ticket to landing his recording contract with Loud Records in 1991, but even then, acquiring notoriety was difficult to come by. Through diligent work, the fast… Read more »




Lily Allen Roseland Ballroom, NYC April 20th, 2009 “Everyone’s on it…” coos Lily Allen – and while this concert opening song refers to the consumption of drugs, in watching Allen jump around in her short neck-bob, oversized shirt, black tights, and high-tops “it” becomes a daily regimen of gossip. It’s a sold out show at… Read more »



The Last Word: Amy Winehouse Turns Down an Eminem Collab, Halle Berry Talks Diabetes, and Michael Jackson Is Off the Auction Block

How’s life? The week is over and we’ve come away knowing that the Obamas have a new family member in Bo the first dog, Dominoes is going hard at two employees who made a mockery of the Pizza company by YouTubing themselves doing some sick things to their food, and John Madden entering a new… Read more »



The Last Word: Beyonce Gets Animated, Whitney Houston Sues Her Stepmom, and a TLC Movie In the Works?

Happy Easter weekend folks, on this Good Friday. It’s been a week to say goodbye to as more than 200 people were reportedly killed at the hands of a devastating earthquake in Italy, baseball season gets underway and Somali pirates making things tough for Obama by taking a U.S. captain hostage aboard the Maersk Alabama…. Read more »



The Last Word: Kelly Rowland Claims Free Agent, Queen Latifah Talks Black Actors, and Rihanna’s Beaten Photo a Work of Art?

What’s cookin’, everybody? It’s the end of another week and it couldn’t get here any quicker. With the Obamas hobnobbing with the Queen, Michael Vick planning a post prison life as a construction worker, Dante Stallworth facing DUI manslaughter charges for striking and killing a pedestrian while driving drunk in Miami and an online leak… Read more »



The Last Word: Farrakhan Makes Death Threats On Behalf of Michael Jackson, Timbaland Files a “Jealousy” Lawsuit, and a New Kardashian Porn?

Happy Friday, young world. It’s been a whole five days and things still keep keeping on. Whether it’s flood waters seriously threatening residents of Fargo, North Dakota, Obama fighting critics while revealing his plans to overcome the financial crisis or the continued saga surrounding that damn Octomom, we made it through in one piece.  … Read more »



The Last Word: Case Becomes “Blaxel Rose”, Aubrey O’Day Becomes a Perv Magnet, and Kanye West In a Family Guy Spinoff?

What’s good everybody? Another week gone by and we have a slow five days to show for it. From AIG execs getting blasted for those hefty bonuses they got to Obama picking UNC to go all the way in the NCAA Tournament, it was just another ordinary week.   Thoughts and prayers go out to… Read more »



The Last Word: Halle Berry Named Sexiest Black Woman Alive, Fergie Returns With a Glam Campaign, and More Rihanna/CB Drama

What’s the word? Another weekend in sight and we have Michael McLendon killing ten people and himself in a shooting rampage in Alabama, Obama encountering talk that he’s taking on too much too soon as well as signing an order to lift the ban on embryonic stem cell research and March Madness going into full… Read more »



The Last Word: Alicia Keys Plays Michelle Obama, Chris Rock Ducks a Rape Charge and Rosario Dawson Takes a Licking!

  How’s it going, everyone? It’s been a slow week and I’m ready to recharge over the next two days. This week proved to be interesting with two NFL stars lost at sea despite an extensive search, Wall Street going up and down with the state of the economy and RNC chairman Michael Steele engaging… Read more »



Flosstradamus: Big Billin’

It’s no surprise that when the Hip-Hop cycle picked its new favorite region, the Midwest got next. While Kanye and Common saw it coming, during this natural regional progression, the categorical Hip-Hop “sound” also evolved. So not only are we meeting a brand new locale, but we’re experiencing music that we’ve either never heard or… Read more »



Vistoso Bosses: Delirious Style

Today we label people “punk,” “hipster” and “skater,” but soon there will be an addition to the Pop vernacular called Vistoso, Spanish for beautiful and colorful. Behind the Vistoso movement are two trendsetters from Atlanta, GA – aptly titled Vistoso Bosses – that haven’t even graduated high school yet. After a discussion about their love… Read more »



The Last Word: Chris Brown Challenged to a Boxing Match, Halle Berry Steals Jewels, and Tracy Morgan Starts a Fire!

What’s the word, daydreamers? Here we are at the starting point of another weekend after five days filled with Obama making good to sign his newly approved economic stimulus package on President’s Day, a New York Post editorial cartoon generating outrage and protest from people who believe the image is racist, and Illinois Senator Roland… Read more »



Serani: Big Tings

Dancehall music has made a major impact on pop culture in the past and continues to do so today with veteran DJ’s like Beenie Man and Elephant Man, as well as newer artists like Mavado, Busy Signal and many others. There’s always one breakout leader of the newbie pack, however, that garners massive attention with… Read more »



The Last Word: Good News About Rihanna (Finally), Ne-Yo In a Lawsuit, and Stevie Wonder on Dancing With the Stars?

What’s good, everybody? This week proved to have a lot going on as A-Rod admits to using steroids, the man over the company that put out the salmonella infected peanut butter issues a no comment while appearing before the Senate, banking CEOs catching it during another Senate hearing and Chris Brown experiencing the fallout from… Read more »



Concert Review: India.Arie

Date: February 5, 2009 Location: Unitel Studios, New York, NY On an arctic New York night, Neo-Soul chanteuse India.Arie marked her return to live performance with a taping for VH1’s Soul Stage. With the release date of her fourth disc Testimony: Volume 2, Love & Politics approaching, the two-time Grammy winner was beyond excited.  “I’m… Read more »



The Last Word: Rihanna In a Lawsuit, Vivica Fox is the Cougar, and a Look at the Black Vagina Monologues

What’s the word Last Wordians? Here we are again. Reminiscing about Obama admitting he was wrong in nominating Tom Daschle, Michael Phelps apologizing after a picture surfaces of him smoking pot and the Steelers making history by being the only franchise to win six Super Bowls.   Get well wishes to Andre Harrell, who is… Read more »



The Mind of Macy: Tools of War

The views expressed in this blog are not the views of AllHipHop.comThe most ridiculous thing, most stupidest thing, most disgusting thing is WAR. War is greed. War is the ultimate hypocrisy. The Bible says, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”  It doesn’t say, “except when fighting over oil.” Yet, our government prints boldly, “In God We Trust” on… Read more »


The Last Word: Aaliyah Biopic Hits Theaters, Kelly Rowland Splits From Mathew Knowles and Rihanna Is the Next Charlie’s Angel?

What’s cookin’ everybody? Another five gone by and we got a set of octuplets coming into the world, Obama getting a reality check from Republicans while pushing hard for a $825 billion economic stimulus package and the Cardinals and Steelers playing this weekend in the Super Bowl.   Shout out to the sounding boards for… Read more »



You Know I Got Soul: B.o.B

Welcome to You Know I Got Soul, the Top 5 Dead or Alive for AllHipHop Alternatives, where we give artists a chance to list their Top 5 favorites outside of the realm of Hip-Hop. You never know what your favorite artist is listening to. Our special guest is B.o.B.Bobby Ray Simmons aka B.o.B has been… Read more »



The Last Word: Akon Forgets His Age, Rihanna Accused of Supporting the War in Gaza, and Mariah Carey Records With Nick Cannon’s Brother!

  What’s going on, good folks? A historic week it was with Barack Obama being sworn in as the 44th President of the US, Hillary Clinton being confirmed as the new Secretary of State and Caroline Kennedy taking her name out of the running for Hillary’s NY Senate seat.    Congratulations to Kimora Lee Simmons… Read more »



The Janet Jackson Chronicles

In a sea of Beyoncés, Cassies, Ciaras and Britneys, Janet Jackson is among the blueprint of female entertainers. A résumé filled with hit songs, numerous awards and popular music videos, not to mention everything from the barely there vocals to the synchronized dance routines with an army of backup dancers, to the sold out shows… Read more »


Happy 30th Birthday Aaliyah

While today we commemorate the life of Notorious B.I.G. with the release of his Notorious biopic, another musician lost her life too soon. Today Aaliyah Haughton would have turned 30 years old. Think about that. Babygirl would be grown up, perhaps married (to Damon Dash?) on her 7th or 8th album with a few more… Read more »



The Last Word: Ne-Yo Talks Sex With the Pussycat Dolls, Bobby Brown Had a Past Fling With Madonna, and Jackie Chan to Star in a Karate Kid Remake With Will Smith’s Son

What’s good everybody? Another week gone by, another two cents made amid an active week filled with cold weather gripping the nation with record low temperatures, Steve Jobs taking a medical leave of absence, Pres. Bush admitting to mistakes made with Iraq and Hurricane Katrina during his final news conference on Monday (Jan. 12) and… Read more »



Antonique Smith: Gotta Have Faith

Playing Faith Evans in Notorious was a role destined for Antonique Smith. While the budding star played the drug-addicted Mimi in the Broadway show Rent, Smith has a knack for combining her gift of singing with acting in dramatic roles. Preparing for the Notorious release, Antonique discusses her personal investments in the role – including… Read more »



The Last Word: Aubrey O’Day Paid $500k to Pose Nude, Voletta Wallace Talks Lil’ Kim, Amy Winehouse with a Clothing Line, Rihanna and Chris Brown Engaged?

What’s life like, world travelers? It’s the first official Word for the ‘09 and the war in Gaza and NFL playoffs are going strong, Arizona Gov. Bill Richardson vacates his nomination for a spot on Obama’s cabinet amid questions over shady dealings and Capital Hill deads Roland Burris’ quest to take the President-elect’s Senate seat…. Read more »



Shontelle: More than the Next Rihanna

Barbados has proven to the music industry that it is more than the typical island scene, dancing natives and the amazing Grass Skirt Posse. Your favorite deejay most likely played Alison Hind’s version of “Roll” in their Caribbean set which has been a grand success since it hit the airwaves. What’s more amazing is that… Read more »



The Mind of Macy: Trim the Fat

The views expressed in this blog are not the views of AllHipHop.comLadies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls  Pimps and Hos. Christmas is over and I have returned to my comeback trail.  The biggest comeback you will ever see in the history of all histories. BODY. The body is the temple. It is the home of… Read more »



2008 MissTape

Every year there are a ton of tracks that you hear over and over again on the radio and blasting out of car windows. You may hate those songs with a white-hot passion (“I Kissed a Girl”), but you still know every word since they’re constantly being drilled into your head while you’re trying to… Read more »