Naima Mora: Sheer Elegance

It’s every girl’s dream come true – sashaying down the runway in designer clothes with cameras flashing and admirers screaming your name. That’s just the surface; there’s much more inside the world of being a top model. Naima Mora’s unique style, breathtaking beauty and quiet ambition ultimately won her television’s most coveted title: “America’s Next… Read more »



Olympus Fashion Week – Fall 2006 Collections

Olympus Fashion Week 2006 took over the streets of New York City from February 3 through February 10, bringing out every New Yorker’s inner supermodel. Outside of Bryant Park’s tents, the week-long barrage of festivities kicked off with Hot 97’s “Full Frontal Fashion” show on Friday, February 3 at Hammerstein Ballroom. This annual event hosted… Read more »



Taurus: Three Times Dope

Look on any music chart these days and you can’t help but notice Atlanta’s strong presence. Usher, OutKast, Ludacris, Lil Jon, Jermaine Dupri and Dallas Austin are just a few of the mega-talents who call the Peachtree State their home. It’s certainly no surprise that up and coming artists of all ages and backgrounds find… Read more »



Ne-Yo: Mr. Nice Guy

The slew of new R&B artists that are hitting the airwaves is no coincidence. The record labels have picked up the change in urban music consumers, and the teen market is ready to embrace something other than Hip-Hop. Chances are that when Def Jam recording artist Ne-Yo dropped his first single “Stay” in Fall 2005,… Read more »



Yolanda Adams: Full Of Grace

Grammy award-winning songstress Yolanda Adams has been astounding people around the world for years with her compassionate, soulful voice. Contrary to what some might think, Yolanda’s phenomenal success has contributed to some decline in optimism throughout the Gospel music industry. Her unique style and unyielding presence have transcended the boundaries between mainstream music and Gospel…. Read more »



Dave Meyers: Point Of View, Pt 1

Long before MTV began adding their names in the credits, and before programs like Making the Video hit the airwaves, music video directors have been equally anonymous to the janitor who cleaned up on set. Times have changed, and with more attention shifting to the talent behind the camera, music video directors have become celebrities… Read more »



Dave Meyers: Point Of View, Pt 2

AHHA: Speaking of eccentric, the recent Korn video “Twisted Transistor” has Snoop, Xzibit, Li’l John, and David Banner portrayed as members of the band. It’s quite a different take on the notion of meshing Rock with Rap. Dave: Yeah, I’ve experienced the eclecticness in music and universality of it all and I think that’s where… Read more »



Latrice Barnett: Face To Face

If Alicia Keys ever decided to infuse dance music with her R&B style, she would probably morph into something close to Latrice Barnett. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Latrice is an accomplished instrumentalist and plays a number of instruments including saxophone, bass, cello and the flute. She also pens her own lyrics and… Read more »



Daddy Yankee: A League of His Own

By now, even your grandmother can fluently sing along to “Gasolina”. When a fateful injury left Raymond Ayala unable to play professional baseball, he never dreamt he would later dominate urban Latin music. After falling in love with Hip-Hop on his native island of Puerto Rico, Daddy Yankee emerged to become a frontrunner in the… Read more »