Blair Underwood: Man Of Distinction

When you hear the name Blair Underwood, you may fondly reminisce on the 1985 classic film Krush Groove, in which he portrayed now-billionaire Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons. Or perhaps you envision the good-man banker who so desperately tried to save Jada Pinkett’s character Stoney in the dramatic film Set It Off. Whatever your first memory… Read more »



Steve Spacek: For The People

You know that chilled-out music that DJ’s play in the wee hours of the night at lounges? Often times, we’re too preoccupied or too stubborn to ask what it is. Steve Spacek’s solo debut Space Shift is that kind of album that you wish you had ask about. The Electronic-Soul fusion finds the front-man of… Read more »



Ne-Yo: Unplugged

Singer/songwriter Ne-Yo is entering the entertainment industry strongly – slowly perfecting each angle of the game. Although he is only 22, Ne-Yo is not a newcomer to the scene. Growing up in a musical household in Las Vegas, his talents were engrained in him from birth, and he began honing his crafts in his teens…. Read more »



Sean Paul: Just Cause

Sean Paul is known to sing during his interviews. In fact, he never stops singing or writing, his music being the obvious outlet for everything he has to say. But what do we really know about this Dancehall maestro, who has had a hand in bringing Jamaican music back to its glory days reminiscent of… Read more »



Na’Sha: Straight Up

The road to a singer following their dreams of becoming a household name is often long-traveled. For Na’sha it has been a struggle all the same, and the path to an already bright career. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, she fell in love with music as a child, listening to everyone from Aretha Franklin and… Read more »



David Axelrod: The Rebirth Of Cool

If Dr. Dre’s “Next Episode” ranked high on your nod-meter, David Axelrod deserves a lion’s share of the gratitude. Since the late 1950’s, Axelrod remained one of the hardest working songwriters and producers on the planet. In the late 1960’s and 1970’s, his Capitol Records phase gave Hip-Hop a crate full of sampling inspiration, and… Read more »



Si*Se: Chameleons Of Sound

If you mixed Sade’s sweet voice with a little of Portishead’s edginess and a Latino swing, you still wouldn’t have enough genres to describe Si*Se’s sound. Formed by DJ Carol C. and U.F.L.O.W. (Cliff Cristofaro), the six-piece group has evoked just about every type of music and instrumentation into their sophomore effort, More Shine, which… Read more »



Floetry: Opposites Attract

It’s funny how two women who used to play against each other on the basketball court in high school now are credited with making some of the most soulful music together. As different as Floetry members Marsha Ambrosius (the Songstress) and Natalie Stewart (the Floacist) seem to be, the better their music gets. The two… Read more »



Dwele: On The Fence

It was apparent from the 2003 release of his official debut album Subject that pure harmony pumped through the veins of Detroit’s own Dwele. Whether blessing cameos through singing or production, or engaging in his own recordings, he is proof that soul wasn’t left in the ‘70s. Born Andwele Gardner [Swahili for “God has brought… Read more »



Rihanna: Brightest Star

Prior to her U.S. relocation, 17-year-old Rihanna was enjoying the mild comforts of island life in her native Barbados. Then, the green-eyed soulstress met a record producer, landed a deal on the spot after auditioning for Jay-Z, and created one of the hottest singles of the summer, “Pon de Replay”. Now she’s prepared to keep… Read more »



Eric Roberson: In Good Company

When Eric Roberson is recording, even his family has a hard time reaching him. The singer/songwriter has been spending weeks at a time burrowed in his New Jersey in-house studio, putting together what may be one of the most anticipated independent R&B albums of 2006. While some still scratch their heads when they hear his… Read more »