Melyssa Ford: The Ultimate Hustler

With her petite frame and womanly curves, Toronto native Melyssa Ford is fully-equipped to turn heads and make people melt to their knees. After appearing in videos by high-caliber artists such as Jay Z and 112, Ford did something most scantily-clad women in videos seem to fail at. She marketed herself and her name, making… Read more »



Donell Jones: Direct Connection

The R&B Underrated Artist of the Millennium goes to… Donell Jones. If such an award were to exist, Donell Jones would be its most deserving recipient. A writer, producer and critically acclaimed solo artist, Jones got his start after penning hits for the likes of Usher and 702. His 1996 debut solo album My Heart… Read more »



Montana DeLeon: Sexpert

Mesmerizing, Orgasmic, Naughty, Tantalizing, Arousing, Notorious and Addictive. Put it all together, and you’ve got one sexy acronym for Montana. There are thousands of pretty faces on the net, and if you do your research, you may just find some real talent. Aside from her beauty, voluptuous body and a freaky mind, Montana has extensive… Read more »



Chris Rob: Ready For The World

Chris Rob’s resume reads like a compilation of the best in popular music. He has performed with powerhouse artists including Stevie Wonder, Prince, Roberta Flack, Aretha Franklin, John Legend, Lauryn Hill, and Jill Scott, to name a few. While his piano playing ability is an industry standard, Chris Rob says he is ready for people… Read more »



Chris Brown: New Kid On The Block

While waiting for a lift in the Manhattan offices of Jive Records, Chris Brown is openly singing to himself, taking little notice of those around him. The singing is sensational, and he is obviously confident, but the song isn’t his; it’s Usher’s “Nice & Slow”. Although it’s safe to say there will never be another… Read more »



Cruna: Life On The Outside

With a stage name like Cruna, Ke.Anthony Dillard better know how to sing. His single “Take Me Higher” is a calypso-tinged ditty about love and happiness. But times weren’t always so cheerful for one of the newest R&B crooners with a throwback style. Cruna was raised in a family full of Gospel singers. Despite the… Read more »



Miri Ben-Ari: Strings Attached

She went from recording “Overnight Celebrity” to becoming an overnight celebrity, but don’t call Miri Ben-Ari a one-hit wonder. This Israeli-born artist is out to prove that a violin-toting virtuoso can be more than a novelty in the world of Hip-Hop. Although she came with Bach-inspired fire on Twista’s “Overnight Celebrity”, the hit song was… Read more »



Blair Underwood: Man Of Distinction

When you hear the name Blair Underwood, you may fondly reminisce on the 1985 classic film Krush Groove, in which he portrayed now-billionaire Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons. Or perhaps you envision the good-man banker who so desperately tried to save Jada Pinkett’s character Stoney in the dramatic film Set It Off. Whatever your first memory… Read more »



Steve Spacek: For The People

You know that chilled-out music that DJ’s play in the wee hours of the night at lounges? Often times, we’re too preoccupied or too stubborn to ask what it is. Steve Spacek’s solo debut Space Shift is that kind of album that you wish you had ask about. The Electronic-Soul fusion finds the front-man of… Read more »