Kulcha Don: Native Son

Unlike other dancehall and reggae artists, who in most cases are Jamaican, Kulcha Don is ready to put a musical twist to Caribbean music and negate common stereotypes. Kulcha Don was born on the small Island of Montserrat, but admits that having a Jamaican father and being surrounded by Jamaican culture heavily influences his own… Read more »



Brandon Watson: Friendly Game of Baseball

The Beastie Boys’ Mike D compared his string of hits to Rod Carew’s in the 1994 single, “Sure Shot.” Phife Dawg made a similar simile, comparing A Tribe Called Quest to “the Braves and the Yankees” on 1993’s “Award Tour.” However, ever since baseball went on strike in ’94, it seems Abner Doubleday’s invention may… Read more »



Che’nelle: World View

There are many words that Che’nelle’s camp use to describe her sound- ‘NuUrban’, ‘Rhythmic’- but truth be told, the dancehall influence underlining her melodies are hardly invisible. While Jay-Z looks at the UK Grime scene to bring some originality back to Hip-Hop, DJ Sir Charles, a longstanding DJ in New York City, headed to a… Read more »



YaYa DaCosta: Dancing On Air

YaYa DaCosta is more than just a pretty face. As a triple threat of actor, dancer, and model, she has set out to take the industry by storm since her time on America’s Next Top Model. While many reality television stars utilize their newfound fame as leverage for an entry into acting, YaYa’s been doing… Read more »



Heather Headley: Dream Girl

“Tony award winning and twice Grammy nominated” is not an accolade many R&B singers can hold to their names, however Heather Headley can. The Trinidadian born Headley got her start performing during her stint at Northwestern University in plays like Dream Girls and Ragtime. In 1997, she landed the role of Nala in the Broadway… Read more »



Michael B. Jordan: Stepping Out

It’s no surprise that today’s society seems to recognize the youth of Generation Y as the driving force behind what’s hot, and what’s not. They’re bright, poised and technically savvy. They have their own space (as in MySpace), television shows, recording contracts, and can bounce a basketball from high school right into the NBA. Generation… Read more »



Christina Milian: Broken Silence

A consistent performer and hit-maker since her musical debut on Ja Rule’s “Between Me & You,” Christina Milian has still not received her just-due. Unlike other Hollywood starlets, she’s not afraid to appear as her true self – she’s extremely smart and honest about her life. You won’t find any stupid girls here. Fully aware… Read more »



Angela Nissel: Write On, Pt 1

Growing up in Philadelphia, Angela Nissel had no inkling of the impact that the people who crossed her path would make in her later years. Aside from bumping into legendary Roots drummer Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson as a teen, and later teaming with him to create one of the most popular web communities,, Angela met… Read more »



Avant: Perfect Fit

Known for his velvety flow and sensual lyrics, Avant sings of love and lust similar to great vocalists past, while simultaneously freakin’ it with straight-up street flavor. No celebrity romances or breakups, no high-profile arrests, no sex-rated videotapes. Aside from the occasional date with a porn star, he’s just a genuine, down-to-earth guy who just… Read more »



Yummy Bingham: Through The Fire

After she released the solid Rockwilder-produced buzz record “Come Get It” in 2005 with Jadakiss, emerging singer/songwriter Yummy Bingham is setting out to make an even bigger impression this year. The Jamaica Queens, New York native is the daughter of producer Osborne “Dinky” Bingham Jr., and the God-daughter of both Chaka Khan and Aaron Hall…. Read more »



Mekhi Phifer: On Call

Usually when you see an interview of an actor on your favorite website, you would assume they have something promote. A new movie? A new TV show? Hell, a new book even? Not here. Even though Mekhi Phifer always has plenty of things to publicize – ER’s fifth season, a new movie Slow Burn with… Read more »