Breeding Ground


THE DAY REPORT: Indie vs. Major

Independent ReleaseAnyone with proper financing, good music, and thorough music industry experience could choose to put out music independently.  With the financial beating that most indie distributors are taking (the economy is in the toilet, in case you live under a rock), and ease with which one could upload and sell music digitally, it is… Read more »



Breeding Ground Recap of 2008

With 2008 being both a historic and pinnacle year of achievement in Hip-Hop, the Breeding Ground  alumni are no exception. Attaining a slew of national press and major publication covers, securing new deals and ventures, check out 2008 – A Year in Rewind with some of your favorite Breeding Ground All-Stars.   This run… Read more »



THE DAY REPORT: How to F*** Over An Artist

I’ve seen so many people get jerked in the 17 years that I have been pulling artists out of bad deals.  And I have been vocal (for free) about how artists can protect themselves from getting jerked by less than savory managers and production companies, greedy labels, and unscrupulous scammers.  Yet, every week it seems… Read more »



THE DAY REPORT: Haters Everywhere We Go

I started Rap Coalition with my own money in 1992 because I got tired of hearing about my favorite artists getting jerked by greedy labels, unsavory production companies, and unknowledgeable managers.  I came to rap as a fan—started listening to rap in Philadelphia in 1980.  Many of you weren’t even born yet.   I didn’t… Read more »