Breeding Ground


The Day Report: Radio Spins, In Hopes Of A Record Deal

There’s a new trend with unsigned artists.    Well, it’s not really new, it’s about ten years old, but it hasn’t really worked successfully, so it seems new.  It appears that some folks who have money to spend, or relationships with independent radio promoters, are trying to increase their spins at urban radio in the… Read more »



TMI Boyz: Fast Grind

It seems to many that the Texas trio known as TMI Boyz jumped onto the scene from out of the blue.  In very little time they managed to top the Billboard Rap Singles Sales Chart with thers song “Swervin’,” and they were #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales Chart with their song featuring… Read more »



L.I.: Big City Dreams

“The time is now for me to burn em/N***** dropped and I ain’t heard em/ I decided to adjourn em/ And claimed my stripes cause I done earned em.”, states the emcee known as L.I. [Lyrically Intelligent] in the track “The Time Iz Now” off his sophomore mixtape “The Time Iz Now.”   Seemingly the… Read more »