Wake Up, Mr. West!

“Read a book! Read a book! Read a muh’f**kin book!/  Read a book! Read a book! Read a muh’f**kin book!/  … Not a sports page (what), not a magazine (who)/  But a book ni**a, a f**kin book ni**a/” — G-Mike, “Read A Book,” Unthugged Vol. 2, 2007. “… I read one-fourth of the Library of… Read more »



Is Black Music Month Worth Celebrating?

I recently saw the new blockbuster movie, Terminator Salvation; the latest installment of the Terminator series that started back in the 80’s. The Terminator movies are about what happens when a machine called Skynet ,which was originally created to serve mankind ,one day decides to turn on its masters and create a bunch of cyborgs… Read more »



Is Black Radio Worth Saving?

“As a new mother, with a two-month old, I refuse to let these companies, these corporations, call my daughter a ‘bitch,’ a ‘hoe,’ a ‘n***er.’ It’s over. It’s not about ‘free speech.’ It’s about you’re peddling drugs into the mind of our community. What you do is addicting our children to violence.” —Rosa Clemente, Hot… Read more »



Melle Mel Sons Joe Budden

Lets be clear, people. We like Joe Budden around these parts. That’s no mystery. We think this is one talented young man that has a lot to offer the game. He’s skilled with the lyrics and is one of the best emcees out and about these days. On the other side of things, there is… Read more »



ROOT: A Cause Worth Saving

When an award confirms the virtue of a cause at the same time that cause is dying the slow death of underfunding, there is obviously a problem.   Last week Attorney General Eric Holder honored Kenneth Barnes Sr. with the National Crime Victim Service Award, for outstanding service on behalf of victims of crime.  … Read more »



Alfamega: Y’all Ain’t Gonna Do S**t!

“Do you have something to say to Alfamega?” I have written about snitching a few times in my day. Remember “21 Questions for Cam’ron” and “To Snitch or Not To Snitch,” from a few years ago? Everybody is talking about Alfamega now! For those living in a dungeon, thesmokinggun.com somehow unearthed ancient court documents suggesting… Read more »



Should Artists Replace Teachers?

“So, ‘untitled’, it is/ I never change nothin’/ But people remember this: If Nas can’t say it, think about these talented kids/ With new ideas being told what they can and can’t spit/” —Nas, “Hero,” Untitled, 2008. “…  I’m hoping someday maybe/ They don’t obey their parents/ Maybe they will obey me/ Future for the… Read more »



Why Rick Ross Will Not Lose

I am going out on a thin limb and will explain to you all why Rick Ross won’t lose. That’s right. I can’t lie. I thought Rick Ross was finished when the Miami rapper was under siege by 50 Cent, the mastermind of destroying careers. Also, when he first came out, I wasn’t all that… Read more »



The Foils of Fame

Fame is the worst drug known to man.  It’s stronger than heroin.  When you can look in the mirror like, “There I am,” and still not see what you’ve become. I know I’m guilty of it too but not like them. – Jay-z, “Lost Ones“Being part of the Industry.           When you take that first step… Read more »



Obama Remorse, Economic Collapse, Oligarchs, and War

The views expressed inside this editorial are not necessarily the views of AllHipHop.com or its employeesEditor’s note: Cynthia McKinny is a former United States Representative and was the 2008 Green Party nominee for President of the United States. McKinney served as a Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1993–2003 and 2005–2007, first representing… Read more »



Ode To The KINGS

I was hoping that Run grabbed the microphone and proclaimed, “We have a whole lot of superstars appearing on this stage tonight, but I want yall to know one thing, this is my motherf**kin’ house!” It didn’t quite go down like that. I just returned from Cleveland and thanks to my wife, I had the privilege… Read more »



Ain’t No N***a Like…Dame Dash

Sitting in the audience last night inside the crowded 37 Street Arts Theater in Manhattan Off Broadway, I witnessed another great Damon Dash contribution, one that takes hip-hop culture to another significant level of accomplishment.        Sony Entertainment and Damon Dash produced, “Hip-Hop Monologues: the Life and the Mind of Jim Jones.” It was a… Read more »



No Snitchin’: The Senate Version

“Strangeness, you don’t control this, you barely hold this/ Screaming brand new, when they just sanitized the old shit/ Suppose it’s, just another clever Jedi mind trick/ That they been runnin across stars through all the time with/ –          Black Star, Thieves In The Night, Black Star (1998). “They don’t know, who we be/” –         … Read more »



The 10 B.I.G. Commandments

March 9th, 2007 marked the 10 yr anniversary of the death of arguably the greatest rapper of all time. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long and it probably won’t matter how many years pass, his music and memory will live on. I remember getting the phone call that he passed that morning and… Read more »



Biggie Smalls: The Notorious Mix

Biggie Smalls: The Notorious Mix When was the first time you saw the Notorious B.I.G. Think about that for a minute. Now think about the last time you saw him. Now, envision what he did to change your life. The rapper didn’t make it to see 25, but the impact he had on the Earth… Read more »



Do Republicans Want To Attract or Indoctrinate Black & Brown Youth?

“It’s fresh air, when I’m speakin’ to ya’ll/Sometimes it falls upon deaf ears, like I’m speakin’ to walls/… Breakin’ cycles of violence, not repeatin’ they flaws/… We the leaders we’ve all been waitin’ for/… Each generation must find its mission, fulfill or betray it/I know the odds are more than just being killers or playaz/Or… Read more »