Voters in line

Get Ready! Election Day 2012 Could Be a Déjà Vu of Election Day 2000

Election Day 2008 was the night the course of American politics changed, as people withstood long lines, the weather, and continued rumors about voting etiquette and policies, to vote the first African-American into office—President Barack Obama. And in 2000, there was a ton of controversy over the lawfulness of the election – and especially the… Read more »


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Real Revolution? – Occupy Your Own Street

Pardon me, but what is this “Occupy Wall Street” stuff all about? Downtrodden people have been showing up every day in mass numbers for a month now, shouting up towards the windows of Fortune 500 skyscrapers, getting arrested in mass numbers, and blocking up traffic. Argh. That traffic part sucks since I venture into Manhattan… Read more »



What Runs These MC’s?

I guess I’m back on my very literal grind – this ax that I sharpen and swing from time to time against the malignant growths on Hip Hop.  My goal in writing these entries over the past six years has been to fight fire with fire.  To creatively use the same art of expression within Hip… Read more »



President Obama: It’s Not Our Fault

The views expressed inside this editorial aren’t necessarily the views of AllHipHop.com or its employees.President Obama is angry, and rightfully so. He’s endured two years of meticulous Republican opposition to virtually every measure put forth, even when he — dare I say — compromised. Setting aside campaign promises of a public healthcare option and a… Read more »



Hip-Hop Collector’s Item “The Deandre Way” Copy 1 of 13,360

The views expressed inside this editorial aren’t necessarily the views of AllHipHop.com or its employees. Twitter was all abuzz among industry professionals yesterday about Soulja Boys’ new album “The Deandre Way” selling a little over 13,000 units in its first week of sales.  The only twitter page that was silent was that of @SouljaBoyTellem.  After a… Read more »



T.I.’s 4th Letter From Jail

(Editor’s note: Below is T.I.’s raw, unedited letter to his fans.) So here it is…NO MERCY, the most honest and intimate installment of my life story as promised. Hope y’all enjoy it and it lives up to the very high standards I’ve set for myself or anyone who’s to be considered one of the best…. Read more »



What’s the Real Story Behind Home Land Security Shutting Down Hip Hop Websites?

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday something very disturbing took place… Homeland Security along with ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) , the Department of Justice and the National Intellectual Property Rights Co-ordinating Center seized over 80 websites including popular Hip Hop websites RapGodfathers.com, dajaz1.com, Onsmash.com. These Hip Hop sites were accused of copyright violations, which is crazy,… Read more »



What Does HIV Mean To Hip-Hop?

Since HIV is hitting the African American community the hardest it should mean a lot.While HIV is not something that just affects African American, and Hip Hop is not something just black people enjoy or support, we can’t ignore the facts.Just like Hip Hop runs through the blood of our inner cities, so does HIV.Like… Read more »



World Aids Day – Rappers Fight To Educate Fans; Testing Numbers Up

For the past several years, Hip-Hop artists across the country have held events that encouraged safe sex and the importance of continuously being tested for HIV/AIDS. Artists like Plies, Twista, Yung Problemz, Yung L.A., Keith Murray, Ludacris, Jamie Foxx, Bun B., Gorilla Zoe, Common and countless others have campaigned in the Hip-Hop community to help… Read more »



Kanye West’s 9-Minute Monologue

Kanye West went in…watch this and comment. Anybody can get it. Even Taylor Swift. Here is the partial rant. And now we are mere surfaces of the energy they are projecting on us. Everybody needs a villain, don’t we? We need to blame someone at all times. For me to be considered a racist for… Read more »