R.I.P. “Wave”: A French Hip-Hop Legend

Antoine “Wave” Garnier was a pioneering French Hip-Hop critic and documentarian who also served as an ambassador of American Hip-Hop to France. He even helped to introduce French rappers like MC Solaar to America, an effort that ripples today.Sadly, Antoine died of a heart attack in Montreal, Canada on January 20, 2009. He was 43… Read more »



Joe Clair: The Obama Paradigm Shift

“WHEN I CATCH YOU ON THE CREEP/ I’ll LIFT THE GROUND RIGHT FROM UP UNDER YOUR FEET!” -Billy Danze of M.O.P. Hip-hop has always professed its awareness. Since it’s conception, the culture of what is “now”, has bragged and boasted it’s all knowing knowingness. The collective has always proclaimed itself as the cursor for where… Read more »



Dr. King: So Where Do We Go From Here?

The opinions expressed in the following editorial do not necessarily represent the views of AllHipHop ans it’s associates. This isn’t the easiest of topics to tackle.  AllHipHop generally has had something that addressed whether Hip-Hop was living up to Dr. King’s dream, and whether or not that was a task that could even be undertaken by… Read more »



SICK SUNDAYS: Return of the Three Headed Monster, Jada Builds Momentum, Busta Drops A Bomb, New Drake

What’s good my dudes.  2009 looks like it’s going to be the year  of missed chances in 2008 trying to actually come through.  Already a week in and we’ve seen joints by  golden age heroes and we’ve seen Aftermath trying to build some momentum with their much ballyhooed “3 headed monster” Former G-Unit soldier  Young Buck have already… Read more »



Prophetic Hip-Hop or Socially-Conscious Rap?

“Rappers suck, when they spit I doubt ‘em/ The crap they sing about make you wanna slap the f**kin sh** out ‘em.’” –   MF Doom, El Chupa Nibre, The Mouse and the Mask.                    No doubt, MF Doom’s indictment of today’s rap ‘artists’ comes off as tame when compared to the overall emotion expressed by Hip-Hop… Read more »



To Snitch Or Not To Snitch?

The opinions expressed in this editorial do not necessarily reflect the position of AllHipHop.com or any of its employees The justice system in this country sucks ass.  We all know that.  There are plenty of times when the judge, jury and executioner don’t give a damn whether or not you’re guilty.  The jails are filled… Read more »



How Dangerous Is The Hip-Hop Lie?

The views expressed with in this editorial don’t necessarily reflect the views of AllHipHop.com or its staff. The debate over negative lyrics and their impact on our communities has raged for years.  Are they glorifying the negative or simply speaking to their everyday existence?  I swear I’ve witnessed plenty of debates that swirled around this… Read more »



Homosexuals & HipHop: In Conflict?

The views expressed with in this editorial don’t necessarily reflect the views of AllHipHop.com or its staff.It seems that AllHipHop, via its Trick Trick interview has caused a bit of a stir.  It probably couldn’t have been timelier in light of the current war over proposition 8 and the fight for marital rights of homosexuals…. Read more »



The NEW New World Order

And so we have the change that we fought so hard for; a gigantic monumental step towards the next phase of American evolution. The election of Barack Obama is more than a victory for black people or for any racial subset. More than anything else it was a triumph for the power of youth; for… Read more »



America’s Great Hope

I watched something necessary the other night, necessary for the legitimacy of America and it’s interests around the world. Necessary for it’s religion of capitalism and it’s imperial ambition, which were not curbed in anyway with the election of an African American. Instead they gained perhaps the greatest spokesperson for their cause that they could… Read more »



Kanye’s Blues

Have you ever seen that movie, Mo Betta Blues? The lead character is Bleek Gilliam.  He’s a trumpeter; an inspired musical force with a severe case of tunnel vision and dedication to his craft.  His desire to use his body as a vessel for his creativity is surpassed only by his need to stay true… Read more »



12:37 pm: Bun B’s Election Day Blog

As special bonus coverage, the OG Bun B will be updating AllHipHop on his Texas travels as he does radio spots and appearances to get people out to vote.  This will be updated periodically as Bun reports from the field. In this time of fake political rappers, Bun B has always had a legitimate presence… Read more »



FOR FULL ALLHIPHOP ELECTION COVERAGE CLICK HERE!! Here we are citizens, at the moment of truth.  This has been a very long road to the White House, and a very costly war of attrition will be over following November 4th.  If you are a Democrat, you have seen this drawn out campaign of Change vs…. Read more »



Chicago: The Coldest Winter

I moved to Chicago from the suburbs in December of 2005. I picked up my stuff and moved to the big city to follow my dreams. I even remember the small panic attack I had after I signed my lease to live in Hyde Park; an upscale neighborhood on Chicago’s Southside. This was a big… Read more »



DL Breaks the News: CNN Drops The Ball

In this time of blue and red swing states, we have come to think of everything in opposing sides, generally dismissing the shades of gray (or in this case purple as it were). The news media it seems, is no different. Right leaning Fox mans the blue, while red-clad CNN tends to lean left, although… Read more »



That Good O-Bama: The Latest Sensation

[Editorial note: this story is a satire and a political parody.]   Streets across the United States have been hit with a new, infectious substance that has swept the country from the streets of New York to the shores of Miami to the coast of California.   The new substance is called That O-bama and… Read more »



Jay-Z Jocking Obama: Fair or Foul?

The opinions expressed in the following editorial are not necessarily those of AllHipHop.com, its employees, its associates or its assigns.Just like a pimped out  E F Hutton, when Shawn “Jay-Z ” Carter talks, people listen. And I’m not just talking about the boyz in tha ‘hood, I’m talking about the white collar boys in executive… Read more »