VP Debate Ignores Poverty and Underclass

Even with the candidates unable to give to a straight answer during Thursday’s vice-presidential debate, one point was made crystal clear—the candidates are wealthy, and Corporate America.For approximately 90 minutes while a lot of words were exchanged, they didn’t include poverty, homeless, urban, underclass, or minority.  Those words and who they represent were never mentioned… Read more »



FISCAL FALLOUT: Bailout Blunder

Last time,we talked about how we got into this financial crisis – (link to yesterday’s editorial) today, let’s take a look at what our Federal Government is doing (or not doing) about it.   Almost two weeks ago Henry Paulson – the current Secretary of the Treasury (a cabinet position – appointed by George W…. Read more »



FISCAL FALLOUT: Surviving The Times

This was a tumultuous week in US and global capital markets, with the investment banking industry taking major blows with the fall of Lehman Brothers and the weakness of Morgan Stanley.With three of the five investment banking pillars crumbling (the above two along with Bear Sterns) the remaining two, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan were left… Read more »



Rednecks For Obama

“We’ve had many Democratic presidents, and we will still have our guns”-Tony ViessmanWhen AllHipHop was in Denver we quickly stumbled over a base of support for Senator Barak Obama during the Democratic National Convention. Rednecks For Obama. Unable to speak to them at the time, we quickly snapped a picture of these two gentlemen, but… Read more »



RNC: The Empire Strikes Black

The opinions expressed in the following editorial do not necessarily reflect those of AllHipHop, its employees or its agents.   It’s hard to be a person of color in the United States.   Some of you will find the above statement incredibly banal. I know I do. To me, saying that racism is still alive… Read more »




Wow!!!  There is honestly no other way to start this without thanking AllHipHop.com for this opportunity. I especially wanna thank my dude Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur for seeing my vision and being more than just talk (unlike the d**kheads that saturate the industry today).  So before I tell you about this new column and how you… Read more »



AllHipHop and Bun B at the DNC

Following Hillary’s big speech at the convention Tuesday, we hit up your Boy Bun B, the OG emeritus of the South and got his opinion on both the election and politics in general.From there we decided we were going to hit the streets, and see what the general feeling was following the events at the… Read more »



LIVE FROM THE DNC: Michelle Obama’s Big Moment, Celebrities in Politics, Protesters & Police

**UPDATE** Monday, August 25, 2008 11:30 AM  EST As many of you have probably seen by now Michelle Obama just delivered her speech as the first keynote speaker of the DNC.  After an emotional day for the Democratic Party, featuring a tribute to former President and present humanitarian Jimmy Carter, and a courageous appearance from… Read more »



DIGITS: The 10 Flyest Villains

America LOVES the villain. From Al Capone to Al Pacino, real life or fantasy, we have always been an outlaw culture from the day we dumped tea into the Boston Harbor.  The best villains are not purely evil, but make you feel for their humanity and recognize parts of yourself within them.   With the… Read more »



The Death of Black Soul

Play this before or while you read this. Trust me.   Isaac Hayes was deep. Musically  deep. Rich in both composition, arrangement, and social relevance. Many times in these situations we are forced to find some way to connect a loss of this magnitude to our lifestyle and our constituents. With Isaac Hayes there is… Read more »



10 Club Commandments

Been a rough week guys.  First the club drama at Spotlight Live, and now the tremendous loss of Bernie Mac at the young age of 50. For those of you who are into comics we also lost Michael I. Silberkleit, the chairman of Archie Comic Publications to cancer.    Here’s a little something we hope… Read more »



David Banner Tells a “Different” Story

Recently, AllHipHop reviewed David Banner’s The Greatest Story Ever Told.  While we stand by both our review ratings and out reviews, we also recognize that people and the artists in particular may have a different opinion.  While the resulting comments supported both sides of the coin.  User j.johnson said: i tend to agree with the… Read more »



Slavery: Apology Not Accepted

Illseed is an AllHipHop.com columnist and independent cultural critic. The views expressed with in this editorial don’t necessarily reflect the views of AllHipHop.com or its staff. I will be brief. Reps for America, you can take your apology for slavery and shove it. What does this apology really mean? This apology means absolutely nothing (read… Read more »



The Kid Famous: You’ll Make Him Famous

CANADA WEEK 2008Charisma? Check.  Swagger? Check. Controversy? Check. With four years in Toronto, a first hand education at two majors under his belt, and cosigns from both Whoo? Kid and DJ Drama, The Kid Famous seems poised to help T-dot and the rest of Canada Plant their flag on the Hip-Hop map.  Will you make… Read more »



Canadian Invasion: Coming To America

CANADA WEEK 2008 Canada is an incubator for world class entertainment. Actors, musicians, and athletes have all established global success in many arenas.   Our hip-hop scene, however, despite an immense amount of talent, hasn’t popped on a grand scale yet. Some chalk it up to the size of our population and a lack of local… Read more »



George Carlin: Last Of The Real

    At a formal dinner party, the person nearest death should always be seated closest to the bathroom.                                                                              –George Carlin     In 2004, Comedy Central revealed their “ 100 Greatest Stand-up Comedians of All Time”. The top three comedians on the list were: 3) Lenny Bruce, 2) George Carlin, and 1) Richard… Read more »



Ice-T vs Soulja Boy: What Does It Really Mean?

When Ice-T called out Soulja Boy, I knew it was going to quickly spiral and degrade into something completely unproductive for Hip-Hop. So let us examine briefly and then engage in some productive dialogue. Earlier in the week, 50-year-old Ice-T boldly released a viral video where he said, “F**k Soulja Boy! Eat a d**k!” The… Read more »



James Brown: Lyrics of Fury

Among the many amazing gifts that James Joseph Brown, Jr. was born with, among the most fascinating was the assured and decisive way in which he applied his talent.  He had full command of his actions and was well aware of their effects on the community around him.  Brown was more than simply a “street… Read more »



Who’s The Father of Your Style?

Father’s Day is all about lineage; the passing of history and ritual and of torches to future generations. As fathers, we impart many things to our children including wisdom, habits, and views.  Most important, we pass on our genes.  The essence of who we are and the key to what the next generation will be…. Read more »



Be A N****R Video Review

Nigger.  A word loaded with a stinging history. Nigger.  A choice of album name that elicited a firestorm of both support and condemnation for Queensbridge rapper Nas.  The might of Walmart prevailed, but not to be totally silenced, Nas premiered his Rik Cordero directed video for “Be A N****R”, the first salvo from his July… Read more »



Election ’08: Beg For Mercy

Usually I would wait until after a primary to do my write up, but it’s apparent that today’s primary in West Virginia is going to be a bloodbath. According to TPM Obama would be lucky if he hits 30%, but all in all that’s not going to matter.     As we stand right now,… Read more »



We’ll Always Love Our Mommas

Throughout the history of Hip-Hop,  we hear countless tales of how missing fathers shaped the lives of many trappers, rappers, and gun clappers.  Today however, we  are going to focus on the positive and showcase the one person that all rappers can give shout outs to, whether they are queens or fiends.    Here’s a… Read more »



Obama Blitz: Should Hillary Bow Out?

About two months ago it seemed apparent that Sen. Hillary Clinton’s run for the Democratic nomination was finished. Sen. Barack Obama led in elected delegates, races won, and popular vote. But, as the pundits called it, she moved the goal post further and further back. By the time the Pennsylvania primary rolled around the goal… Read more »



Hillary Forecloses On The Black Vote

The opinions expressed in this article are not necessaily those of AllHipHop.com, its employees, or its affiliates Millions of people this year have watched homes that they have owned for decades taken away from them through foreclosure, an after effect of Predatory Lending. According to Wikipedia.com, Predatory lending is defined as, “the practice of a… Read more »