Russell Simmons Responds To Abraham Foxman’s Comments On Millions More Movement

May 9, 2005 Mr. Abraham H. Foxman National Director Anti-Defamation League 823 United Nations Plaza New York, NY 10017 Re: Millions More Movement Dear Mr. Foxman: I am writing in response to your latest newswire release dated May 2, 2005 entitled, "ADL Urges Prominent African-American Leaders to Reconsider Their Support of the Millions More Movement."… Read more »


Assata Shakur

Open Letter from Assata Shakur

My name is Assata Shakur, and I am a 20th century escaped slave. Because of government persecution, I was left with no other choice than to flee from the political repression, racism and violence that dominate the US government’s policy towards people of color. I am an ex-political prisoner, and I have been living in… Read more »



Hip-Hop: Censor Yourself?

I’m letting you all know – shadows no longer exist. It’s common knowledge that we are being watching and monitored like never before, whether its your Ez Pass, instant messenger conversations, email, 2way pagers, “security” cameras and most of the other modern conveniences we enjoy these days. But, since Hip-Hop is the new “mafia” to… Read more »



Requiem for a Dream Deferred

Has the American Dream for cream been masked over top of Dr. King’s? These days unity between the races is easy to see, but is it truly the vision of he who gave his life for the civil rights movement? Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see White and Black hands held together… only they’re clasping… Read more »



What Happened To The Roc?

I always thought it was interesting that with all of the discussion about Jay-Z taking over the helm at Def Jam, that there was so little talk about how odd it was that J was picked for that post and not Damon Dash. Wasn’t Dame the ‘sword’ of the ROC, the business yin to Jay’s… Read more »



Five Political Hip-Hop Resolutions

In 2005, many political minded folks in the Hip Hop community are still spinning from the results of the 2004 elections. Many cats are still walking around depressed and angry. I see people talking about quitting. Politics is long term, and if you thought Hip Hop folks would change the world with one election- you… Read more »



In Defense of Nas & Hip-Hop

While “Ants at Nas’ Coon Picnic” raises some thoughtful and persuasive critiques of the rapper’s diatribe against “sellouts” in media and entertainment, the author’s fundamental premise is flawed, his opinion misinformed, and his tone quite elitist. Morris O’Kelly deserves kudos for pointing out the factual errors in “These Are Our Heroes.” Nas, by saying on… Read more »



Readers Repy: Coon Picnic

Below is my official response to many ‘questions’ or rebuttals emailed to me.  As of now, I’ve received over 800 emails of varying thoughts and opinions on my article.  I appreciate all of them regardless of their content.  The public debate has begun and that’s most important. In order to respond to ALL of you… Read more »



Ants At Nas’ Coon Picnic

Very recently, I asked the question as to what is a “sell-out” in today’s world. The premise of the article was to find a common ground as to the moral center of the African-American ideology and also expose the historical double-standard of how the term ‘sell-out’ has been applied over generations. In the end, I… Read more »