Open Letter To Mixtape DJ’s

Dear Mixshow/Mixtape DJ Family, We’ve got a serious problem within the DJ community and we’re going to have to find a way to solve quick because we’ve got more pressing matters than the issue I’m about to address. First things first, effective immediately, I am officially withdrawing my affiliations with The Core DJs & The… Read more »



An Ode to Rosa

While there had been numerous atrocities and injustices such as the murder of Emmett Till up to and preceding 1955, December 1st became an active catalyst to a movement that forever changed the plight of American culture. Who would’ve thought that the simple act of remaining seated on a segregated bus would come to, ironically,… Read more »



Reading, ‘Riting, and Rap

Do you know what a predicate felon is? According to New York State law, a predicate felon is “a defendant convicted of a felony in a New York State court who has a prior felony conviction within 10 years.” The notion of a predicate felon has everything to do with sentencing guidelines and if felonies… Read more »



21 Quest Shuns

It brings me the utmost pleasure on this day to tack on another homage to the countless barrage commending the man, the myth: Christopher Columbus. I have my own rendition of 21 questions and things that make you go ‘Hmm….’ (throwback to my man Arsenio Hall!) regarding his American lore. This guy, half-man-half-a-racist, has been… Read more »



Why I Loved VH1’s Hip-Honors

“Last night…last night it changed all…I really had a ball” On Monday, I was in hip-hop heaven. As I watched The 2nd Annual Hip-Honors on VH1, where rap heroes like LL Cool, Ice-T, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Salt-N-Pepa, Big Daddy Kane and the Notorious B.I.G were honored like kings and queens, I was… Read more »



Are Hip-Hop’s Hardest SCARED?

Let me find out that y’all are scared. The rap world is kind of scary these days. There are all sorts of animals running around the game – big Black thugs with big guns and huge entourages that beat people down. So fearsome! These thugs start wars and tear each other limb from Black limb… Read more »



Hurricane Kanye Hits America

As the infrastructure of New Orleans washed away, and the social contract collapsed, one American institution withstood the forces of flooding, death, and violence: the taboo of race. Even as numerous reporters from CNN’s Anderson Cooper to Fox’s Geraldo Rivera broke down on television and refused to put a positive spin on the abandonment of… Read more »



Rap Attack of the Clones

Rappers today have achieved levels of success that the pioneers of this generational phenomenon could once only dream of. What we are witnessing now is progressive prosperity: the seeds sown by Hip-Hop’s ancestors are being reaped by their present day offspring. Only now, the harvest isn’t as natural as it used to be – it’s… Read more »



Hip-Hop Entourages – Outta Control?

As impressive as it may be to keep your circle of friends close by you when you become a ‘celebrity’, it is also foolish if they are ignorant and from the block. It is commendable that most rappers, athletes and actors bring their ‘friends’ along for the ride, but it is also stupid to allow… Read more »



Time For Hip-Hop Color Codes

I implore the powers that be to implement some type of governing body that can approve, disapprove, reject or accept what comes and goes through our culture Hip-Hop. Said authoritative group would consist of Hip-Hop’s elite and influential players like Chuck D of Public Enemy, founding father Kool Herc, mogul Russell Simmons, rap god Melle… Read more »