Big Hats, Bigger Hate

What the hell… Ok, no. really, what the hell is going on with these damned big hats? Now you’re saying to yourself, “Hey, Jean…pray tell, what big hats?” Then I’m all, “You know.” Then you’re all, “No, we don’t know! Please, please tell us.” Then I’m all, “Well, if you insist.” Listen, either there are… Read more »



Killers On The Payroll

Well, here we are. Bombs are dropping, the dying has started, and our country of ignorant, blind allegiance-pledging sheep has sanctioned yet another massacre for profit in the name of “liberating the oppressed.” Never mind the fact that millions of people spoke out against our non-elected Commander-in-Chief’s hell-bent course of action, or that Chief Weapons… Read more »



Hip Hop In The Hour Of Chaos

As a body of people united by the common thread of urban cultural expression, i.e. Hip Hop, we suffer from a collective memory loss, where we forget the trends of no more than a few months prior. I remember the first Gulf War and how Hip Hop responded. Some of us supported "our" troops by… Read more »



Better Than The Original

The homoerotic nature of hip-hop. WTF? This is something that I have taken well over a year to come to terms with writing. Why, because gayness and homosexuality is met with such a negative force when it pertains to hip-hop music. Now, before we move along, understand, this has nothing to do with my viewpoints… Read more »