Wished Into The Cornfield

While my brother and sister loved the Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello, and cowboy shows on TV; I only remember liking one show and that was The Twilight Zone. I thought Rod Sterling a genius. Though he only lived until age 50 he left a legacy of creative shows that will never be seen again…. Read more »



I Won’t Hang Up My Jersey, Chump!

OK, HIP-HOP, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I am here to stand up for hip-hop heads across the nation and to state emphatically that we aren’t going to be railroaded out of our sense of style. I’ve been quiet lately watching the sweeping fashion changes that have unfurled this year. Yeah, I am not opposed… Read more »



The Ill Street Blues: To Unnerve and Arrest

The word’s out! New York’s beloved Police Department has finally admitted to the existence of a surveillance task force targeting our culture’s hip-hop icons. You know what this means, right?!! Perhaps we can finally bring some closure to hip-hop’s greatest unsolved murders in what has become a growing epidemic of iconic martyrs. Or maybe this… Read more »



Going for Dolo: The Weakening Collabo

Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella records caved on a lot of their promises concerning the Black Album. There was indeed promotion, when said there would be none. There were singles (and poorly picked at that, in my humble opinion). There were overlapping producers and the final list was nowhere near the projected opus. But despite all my… Read more »



The College Sit-In For Kanye West

p> Kanye West, sensational Roc rapper/producer, has spurned a sharp resurgence of creativity and hope within the young Hip-Hop culture that is marred with the sting of a double-edged sword.  All around the city and as far-reaching as the northwestern suburbs, young aspirants are rabidly embracing the image of what this rapper/producer represents:  pulling oneself up… Read more »



Freedom –vs- The FCC

Since when has America become so self-righteous that we are, all of a sudden, the benchmark of all that is decent? This country was built and started on indecency. America is the world’s most dominant force due to indecency. We have laws that were created from the bowels of indecency. For centuries, America’s middle name… Read more »




Imagine if presidents were only allowed to declare war if one of their loved ones had to be at the front. Imagine if there were a law that stated that for every tank, there had to be a new school and for every war helicopter there had to be a new hospital. Imagine if every… Read more »



Race In Music, and American Media

In the wake of the firestorm regarding Janet Jackson and her breast taking exploits at the Super Bowl halftime show, many issues have surfaced regarding decency, entertainment, and due to the participation of Justin Timberlake, and his subsequent level of character assassination, the dreaded R word…Race. Since the acquittal of OJ Simpson, a couple years… Read more »



Cedric Hollywood: A Reply To Luke

The following was written by Cedric Hollywood, program and music director of Miami’s WEDR’s 99 Jamz. In a news article on AllHipHop.com (http://www.allhiphop.com/hiphopnews/?ID=2848), Luther "Luke" Campbell asserted that the local radio infrastructure in Miami, Florida no longer supported the local Hip-Hop scene. He singled out the only two commercial Hip-Hop stations in the city, 99… Read more »



21 Questions

Credible: 1. Capable of being believed; plausible. 2. Worthy of confidence; reliable. Credibility: 1. The quality, capability, or power to elicit belief: 2. A capacity for belief. 3. The quality of being believable or trustworthy 1. When will the two words above have a legitimate place in Hip-Hop journalism nowadays? 2. When will the Hip-Hop… Read more »