Michael Jackson’s Tragedy

With Michael Jackson’s arrest and indictment on charges of child molestation, the American public is now being subjected to the latest scandal involving celebrities and sex. The various media outlets have yet another opportunity to indulge in their customary feeding frenzy, to compete for the latest rumor, innuendo and salacious detail. We are guaranteed the… Read more »



Dear Andre 3000

Dear Andre 3000, I always had a feeling that this day would come. I saw it coming ever since you and Big Boi dropped the ATLiens album. At The Source Awards back in 1995 when you told the unruly New York crowd “I’m tired of closed minded people”. When you had on the military jacket… Read more »



Matthew Hall Remembered

The death of Matthew Hall has been widely publicized lately by the media circuits here in New York and there have been numerous despicable assertions, which are trying tarnish his legacy. He was a good friend to me so please read this first if you will write a news article about him. If you are… Read more »



Hip Hop Ya Don’t Stop

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? This is the question faced by the current hip hop artist. As defined by Cheryl L. Keyes, the author of the book Rap Music and Street Consciousness, "Hip Hop is an urban youth arts movement comprised of graffiti, emceeing, disc… Read more »



Ceditorial: Outsiders Peer Inside

Ok, I don’t know how many of you are sick of people trying to destroy our culture and/or the feelings within the hip-hop community. But the one thing I can’t stand is when someone who doesn’t understand, know or want to know what the culture is about, spews ignorant statements towards a positive group of… Read more »