Open letter to Damainion Ewell

I have never been moved to write to your site before – but having read this open letter I felt the urge. I am a Hip-Hop fan also and have been listening to the music for about as long as you. I can remember when beats DIDN’T all sound the same, when there wasn’t an… Read more »



Russell Simmons: A New Black Leader?

The emergence of Hip Hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons as an establishment-endorsed political leader of the new generation of Blacks gives me pause. Being a member of this new generation, I think this should be put on the table for discussion. Why have mainstream media’s political pundits given Russell Simmons an open mic? He’s a guest… Read more »



Has Hip-Hop Been ‘Souled’ Out?

Forget Michael Jackson–the face of hip-hop has changed more dramatically within the last three years than MJ’s reconstructed front piece has in the last three decades. And kinda like Mike, the change hasn’t been all for the better. Once upon a time, the only thing a Black kid from the ‘hood was able to successfully… Read more »



Barry’s Beats

When Barry White’s essence left this earth on the morning of July 4th, a large chunk of music history was lost. Not just R&B, Soul or whatever you feel like calling it. All music. His contributions to R&B music are common knowledge, but sadly many a hip-hop head is unaware of the influence Barry White… Read more »



All-Access: Def Jam Vendetta

I kept my ear to the ground at my station’s (97.9 the BEAT) promo meeting last week. Method Man was coming out on May 29 to battle our listeners in Def Jam Vendetta. I thought to myself "cool, I’ma fall through." I invited my girl Suga since she’s a Meth fanatic. May 29 – Dalla,… Read more »



AllHipHop.com’s 2003 Relaunch

Another relaunch. You go ahead and browse around and see the new features. You are going to find that everything has changed and nothing has changed all at the same time. A lot of time and energy was invested in this new AllHipHop.com so I’ll just take a minute to say some thanks. The entire… Read more »



Hip-Hop’s First World War

Damn straight we at war, and hip-hop is wounded. On street corners from Brooklyn to Brixton, South Central to Shanghai, arguments, conflicts and battle raps occur to overstand whose side you on? Pop hop or "real" hip-hop? Regardless of where a hip hopper is located, the world bows down in respect to what the African-American… Read more »



The State of the Hip-Hop Union

President Rogers: Mr. Speaker, Vice-President Fourtou, members of the big five, distinguished rappers, and fellow consumers: It gives me great pleasure to present to you my State of the Hip-Hop Union address this evening. I am certain that after hearing my plan for this nation, we will all come together in a show of solidarity… Read more »