Mike Vick: Reviled to Redemption

(The These days when Michael Vick sits down to talk about his life over the past few years, he’s looking back at a series of extremes — from star quarterback, to reviled dogfighter, to comeback kid — and now, mentor. That last role is brand new for him. By his own admission, Vick had… Read more »



Andre Berto: Now or Never

The clock is ticking on Andre Berto. It may seem strange to say that about an athlete just entering his physical and mental prime at 27 years old. But after years of being spotlighted on HBO, Berto’s talent has not quite matched up with his competition. It hasn’t all been his fault. The devastating Haiti… Read more »



Manny Pacquiao: Politics As Usual

He’s not focused in training. He’s gotten lazy and is only at 80%. These are statements Manny Pacquiao has not only had to hear from media, but from members of his own camp going into Saturday’s showdown with the once-feared Antonio Margarito. It wouldn’t be without historical precedent. Fighters ranging from Sugar Ray Robinson to… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Mike Jones Interview, Top 50 KO’s of All-Time, Pacquiao Training Update, Bute, Weekend Fight Schedule

What a difference a year can make in the boxing landscape. In early 2009, the welterweight division was home to many of the big names in boxing: Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto, and Antonio Margarito. Now many of those fighters have moved up to 154, or taken a sabbatical away from the sport. What… Read more »



The Cardigans You Need For Fall 2010

 Did you know the cardigan is named after James Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan, a British military commander? Although he has been called “unusually stupid,” and “an ass,” the Earl of Cardigan was at least known as quite the snazzy dresser! While cardigans in his day were usually knitted from wool or cotton, you can… Read more »



The Best Boots Of Fall/Winter 2010

Despite what you sneaker die-hards may hold true, a sturdy pair of handsome boots will take you a long way this fall/winter season. Sneakers will do just fine for about 275 days of the year, but come the frigid winter months where snow and sleet cover the streets, you’ll want to have some traction and… Read more »