Ready To Rumble: Battle Rapper DNA Accepts Meek Mill’s Bar-for-Bar Challenge

(AllHipHop News) Ultimate Rap League (URL) battle rapper DNA has accepted Meek Mill’s challenge to a rap battle through a recent YouTube video. In the video, which was released on Tuesday (October 9), the self-proclaimed “Get him the f*ck out of here” battle rapper addressed the battle challenge by watching a few minutes of the… Read more »



Last Dragon/Rappin’ Star Leo O’Brien Dead At Age 41

(AllHipHop News) Actor Leo O’Brien, who starred in the hit movie “The Last Dragon,” died in New York City yesterday (October 10). reports that an autopsy is currently under way to determine the cause of O’Brien’s death. The actor, 44, played the character “Richie Green” in the movie “The Last Dragon” and he also had… Read more »