Afrika Bambaata Inspires Nike Commercial

When Nike first launched their hot dribbling style basketball commercial nationally earlier this year, it was proved to be a huge success for the giant sneaker company. However, once the video turned up on BET (Black Entertainment Television) as a music video with hip-hop godfather Afrika Bambaataa’s name attached, the hip hop community raised its… Read more »



The Gay Rapper Emerges

Through the years, there has been a dubious omission to the diversity of rap music, the openly homosexual rapper. Look no further than Caushun The Gay Rapper (a trademarked name). What started out as a phone call to Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex, caused Caushun to aggressively represent for all the gay hip hoppers in the… Read more »



Iverson’s Misunderstood Pushed Back

If you are like Late night host Jay Leno, you have jokes about Allen "The Answer" Iverson and the Sixer facing the colossal L.A. Lakers. But last night, Jay’s jokes went side ways when a quip referred to A.I.’s album being released yesterday – it wasn’t. The album, Misunderstood, won’t be found at a store… Read more »



Lyricist Lounge Show Produces Classic Nigh

Keith Murray, who was recently paroled from Prison made a surprise appearance at the Lyricist Lounge performance, at BB King’s in Manhattan last week. Initial publicity only indicated live performances by headliner Big Daddy Kane, Japanese hip hop act Furin Kazan, Jane Doe, Skeme Team, Maspyke and Teamstas, but there was much more in store… Read more »



BMG Continues To Buy The Internet

BMG continues it’s acquisition of Internet music properties. As the race to own digital distribution on the net races along (AOL/Timewarner, Universal/ and BMG entered the digital music scene early last year when the German giant announced that it would purchase the ailing music website, CDnow. After selling a stake in that it… Read more »



Rock Steady To Celebrate 24th Anniversary

Rock Steady will celebrate their 24th anniversary July 24th through the 29th. The celebration will include a celebrity basketball tournament and basketball tournament July 26th. July 27th sees a Hip-Hop film festival as well as a b-boy/b-girl battle. July 28th there will be a free outdoor concert and performance, and July 29th there will be… Read more »



Lawsuit Filed Against Slip-N-Slide

A woman in Maryland has filed a class action lawsuit A Maryland mother has filed a class action lawsuit against AOL-Time Warner, Atlantic Records and Slip-N-Slide Records, the home of Miami’s Trina, Trick Daddy and The Iconz. The lawsuit comes after the woman bought a clean version of Trick Daddy’s latest release, Thugs Are Us… Read more »



Get Ready For A.O.L.

According to rap pioneer Kurtis Blow, he and Grandmaster Flash have co-founded A.O.L. (the Alliance Of Legends), which boasts membership from Kool Herc, DJ Hollywood, Kool DJ Red Alert, Afrika Bambatta and Grandmaster Flash, the one who conceived the original idea. The pioneers aim to maintain the spirit of old school while making positive changes…. Read more »



Twista: Settlement Reached

Twista is sequestered in Atlanta, where he is recording a third solo album after settling a copyright infringement lawsuit with parties that included his former label Creator’s Way Associated Labels. His solo deal with Atlantic Records is estimated to be approximately $6 million. According to highly placed sources in the Chicago rapper’s Legit Ballin’ Records… Read more »



Jay-Z’s Gun Trial Delayed

Jay-Z‘s gun possession case has been pushed back to October 16th a judge ruled yesterday (June 26th). The arrest of the high profile artist brought light to the fact that the NYPD had developed what they called a "Rap Patrol," to watch rappers at their favorite hangouts. The reason for the delay is attributed to… Read more »



Lawsuit Against Juvenile Dropped

A lawsuit against Juvenile, has been dropped. The lawsuit, filed earlier this year by the community association of the exclusive gated neighborhood of Woodville, in the city of Mandeville, LA charged Juvenile with leaving his tour bus parked on a narrow street. Members of the community were seeking to get him to move the bus…. Read more »



Beanie Sigel Continues

Beanie Sigel has stepped in the world of acting, working on a film titled "Paper Soldiers." The movie, which stars Beans, Kevin Hart, Smokey, Capone and Noreaga and Miss Jones, is being directed by Damon Dash and Dave Daniels. The flick is currently being shot on location in New Jersey. Don’t think that Beans is… Read more »