Big Boy, Pharrell

Pharrell Tells Big Boy Why He Doesn’t Age, What Makes Him Happy, and More!

In a very special episode of Gimme 5, Pharell sits down to explain why he hasn’t aged, who is the best artist he has worked with, and more! Is there a portrait of Pharrell aging in an attic somewhere? Who is Pharrell’s favorite artist to work with? What’s a pie cost? Watch this very special… Read more »


Big Boy

Big Talk Vlog #3: Big Boy on How Taking off the Weight Saved His Life

At one time weighing over 500 lbs, Los Angeles’ own radio personality Big Boy certainly lived up to his name. But after coming to terms with the very real health implications of his obesity, Big decided to do something about it. After trying to lose the weight with exercise and healthy eating, Big Boy opted… Read more »