Wale Shops for Shoes at LeBron’s Store “Unknown” in Miami

MMG rapper Wale took a trip out to Miami to enjoy some sneaker shopping at LeBron James’ shoe store, Unknown in Miami, Florida.  The “sneaker champ” spoke with Joe La Puma of Complex about the current sneaker culture and more. With traveling on the road and everything, how do you keep up with everything? Whatever… Read more »



AllHipHop Exclusive: LeBron & Kobe Choose Their Captains For Sprite’s Uncontainable Game

Back in early July, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant made a surprise appearance at UNLV where the early winners in the Uncontainable Game program had planned a practice game. James and Bryant used the opportunity to select the captains of their respective teams who will compete Friday of NBA All-Star 2013 in Houston.