2 Chainz Videobombs Michael Crabtree Post Game Interview

  • Lyve Wire

    san fran’s next game is in the A. wonder what 2 chainz gonna be doing after the game if atlanta wins…

    • Chris

      Swingin’ from Julio’s balls.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Lyve an Chris – y’all soundin’ jealous. – whatsup? lol

      • Lyve Wire

        lol, nah. im a diehard 9ers fan. was just a little surprised to see an ATL dude rocking all gold and red, when they have their own team across the street. maybe he didnt expect the falcons to win. i live in georgia now, and most of the cats down here dont mess with the dirty birds. maybe he jumped ship after vick ‘left’. who knows.

  • That police officer snatched him up LOL