50 Cent’s Favorite Battle Rapper Is…

  • Peter Morris

    B Rabbit?

  • MrNoName2K


  • hoeyuno


  • Truth Powell

    Kidd Kidd is dope…….jack thriller is a cockeyed bozo.

  • And now all 50 cent has is a ton of money and a long list of artists who would never work with him because of his cut-throat “get rich or die trying” come-up….After all the money and fame 50 has lost his fire in Hip-Hop…Thank god that he is still rich..lol

  • danboy1386

    the truth is 50 is to real and hip-hop at the moment is full of fakes and no one seems to care.

  • I know what 50 say’s must get under these lames skin! Lol

  • Syanide

    I wanna see Big T battle any of the top dudes from KOTD. See what happens with that.

  • grabo2003

    50 real period.