6 Yr Old Lil TerRio Drops Debut Video “Oooh Killem”

Lil TerRio – Oooh Killem ft. Polo, KayLuv, Kidd Willie

As seen on 106 & Park and Complex Magazine, just to name a few, Lil TerRio has earned the likes and support of millions of followers around the world including Wizards Point Guard John Wall who famously coined the signature “TerRio Dance.”

The pint size TerRio released his debut official music video “Oooh Killem” yesterday. The video is now on YouTube & VEVO, watch it below:

  • southrncadillac .

    Oooo killem. Actually a gd video, song is cool, but the video actually had me impressed, keep it up.

  • yagoub jebrel


  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Waiting till the end for lil Ceelo to really kiilem….. guess the only thing he’s gon kill is himself if he doesn’t loose all that phat… know his mum saying oooohhhhhh he’s so cute… Was he wearing leather pants??? lol SMH 🙂

    • matt meyer lansky

      lol @ lil ceelo #dead #killedem

  • The_Councilman

    Meanwhile, artists who are really trying to make a living out of this industry can’t get the time of day…..

    • Mark Lamount Burns

      Agreed! Real artists practically have to know how to limbo since the bar has been set so low nowadays!

    • Celz

      The industry is dead bruh..

  • bo da butcha

    DAT shit goes hard it fits right n with 2days rap music

    • EDub

      DAT song is horrible it fist right n with 2days rap music

  • Calvindoentknwshyt

    smh its thiis what it comes too now day smh i give up

  • Celz

    I’m all for it if they going just as hard with his grades and diet..

    • ReadingIsFundamental

      I was thinking the same thing. I’d like to see a report card….And I’m going to need him to do that dance more often. He’s too young for all of that weight. He looks like he could have a heart attack any day now.