7 Days Of Funk (Dam-Funk & Snoopzilla) – Faden Away

Today, 7 Days of Funk (Dam-Funk and Snoopzilla) debut the first official music video “Faden Away,” from their forthcoming self-titled project, 7 Days of Funk, releasing December 10th on Stones Throw Records. Directed by Henry DeMaio, the visuals capture the performance of Dam-Funk and Snoopzilla (Snoop Dogg) rocking a hyped crowd at a Los Angeles underground party.


  • John Beckham

    I like this dude …but he needs to get out of P-funk mode already!!! Damn man get Dre to produce spend money to make some money….You use to be the SHITTTTT…Now you just this dude smoking weed with cheri curls living in the past!!! Let’s go snoop get some beats and make some real stand up shit!!!

  • Marlon Louie

    This song is supertight. That beat is so funky. That’s gonna knock hard in my ride