A$AP Ferg Speaks On The State Of Hip Hop

  • Bumpy Johnson

    i dont get it when i hear the radio its straight 2chainz wacka, w.e….when i go out its the same soooo how is hip hop great right now…its better since we have some MCs that are famous but NO ITS NOT AT A GOOD STATE WHATSOEVER

  • stackzscrilla

    Who is this dude?? LOL!!!! Does any body really care about duns opinion on the state of hip hop? These are questions that should be fielded by the likes of Jay, Nas, 3 Stackz, Common (just to name a few).

    • jejam36

      DAMn BOY that was exactly what I was saying to myself as I saw the article. I didnt even look at the video.

  • jejam36

    Who gives a damn about what whoever this dude is think about the state of hiphop. And who the hell is this guy??? man this shit is getting crazy. I assume he asap rocky’s brother since I see he got asap in front of his name.

  • The Real Will Cannon

    ASAP Ferg talk’n bout the sate of Hip Hop is like…a dog talk’n bout the state of mankind…GTFOH.