A$AP Ferg Recalls Bonnaroo “Super Jam”; Talks Sophomore Album

A$AP Ferg spoke with Billboard about his “Super Jam” performance at Bonnaroo with Lauryn Hill, Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead and Robby Krieger of the Doors.

What was the best part about the “Summer Jam”?

Talking with Mickey Hart was hilarious. Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead  was hilarious we just talked about doing psychedelic drugs in the 70s while they performed 8 hour sets and how they couldn’t remember all of their songs…

What can we expect from the second album?

Expect growth, a lot of the Ferginstein, a new Ferg, I transformed, I didn’t conform to nothing that anyone is doing or what is in the now…

What kind of music you got coming out?

We just dropped “Hella Hoes,” I also got a single on the ASAP album, I’m just not gonna tell you what it is, I’m just gonna drop it on yalls head.

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