A$AP Mob talks Beef with Pro Era, white women & collab with Meth

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  • Elayorx El

    Ok, I feel the commentary here, but I’m not sure I’d call what Hip-Hop has gone through in it’s short lifespan, a progression. Definitely a change, but a progression? That’s a reach, but Ebro’s nostalgia comment does have some merit, although when I think nostalgia, I’m brought to happiness, and innocence, or in the ballpark of such. Definitely a place Hip-Hop was closer to than it is now. A$AP M seem to have their heads on straight, and I appreciate their love, respect, and passion. Rosenberg feelin some type of way, is sort of a double standard, because if their just women, why have any feeling about it at all? Your wife, is just a woman, right? Human being, as he put it. Again, no one acknowledges history, so this “women are all the same” crap, is not true. We are not all the same, but good interview besides though.

  • jsj23

    I must be getting old. Is this the new face of Hip Hop? These little kids? These kids are goofballs! No street credibility, more like bedroom MCs. All those 90’s rappers they mentioned had some street credibility, which in my view is very important for hip hop. But then again we are living in the era of bedroom MCs like Drake, and these cats, sad. this interview is garbage, no depth, nothing really being said…and ye’ Rosenberg…garbage interview, what was that about women? utter crap!, I’ll stick to the 90’s interviews with Arsenio Hall and other radio personalities like Ralph McDaniels…Sorry, but I think it’s just me.