Ab-Soul Explains Why He Is Not Signed To Interscope, Compares Roc-A-Fella To Death Row + MORE (VIDEO)

Ab-Soul spoke with Complex about why he is not signed to Interscope like Kendrick Lamar and Schooolboy Q, compares Roc-A-Fella Records to Death Row and Detox.

Check out the full interview below:

  • Jonathan Bacher

    Cause….He doenst have the same buzz ?

    • don king

      what type of buzz did q have??? he wasnt buzzin either, only jay rock n kendrick had a buzz (jay back when he had the song with wayne). i think ab just knows that he cant bring out his album the way he want it 2 b, on a major record label like interscope. they dont like political, social or religious rap. q fits better on a major label, cause he raps bout the gangsta ish, smokin n makes party tracks. ab just took the independent over the major route, so he can keep his creative freedom. but thats just my opinion.

      • Jonathan Bacher

        Even before Q’s album dropped, more people knew Q then they did Ab Soul. Im sorry but it’s a fact.

        It’s like people know Drake but not Tyga.

  • Hussle

    this gonna be “the reason” why he flops next week.

    • Joshua

      who cares if he flops he’s still going to give us music. artist of this calibre are always going to make money. it’s one thing if you can rap, its other things when you actually make good music. good music is a commodity just like gold. He probably owns his masters, though. no artist on major labels own their masters.

    • Django 2Chainz

      I dont see how this interview & flopping have anything to do with eachother

  • don king

    u guys hatin really on the wrong dude! ab is a nice n smart guy who makes great music. listen 2 control system n tell me it aint great. in my opinion hes the best on tde n i like all tde artists. dont just hate cause hes over ur head!

  • Django 2Chainz

    Yall be reaching with them Headlines smh Soul didnt even say that

  • TruthSerum

    I don’t think Interscope wanted him to begin with. It aint like it was even 10 years ago, where 50 could come out and sell 7 million and then everybody connected with him could go gold just based off affiliation. Times have changed and no major is gonna invest in you just because you have connections. Kendrick really only sold platinum anyway, which is great for this era but it’s still not an amazing amount of sales, and certainly not enough to build a movement around. They rolled the dice on Q and he has no prayer of going gold, and he was probably the one with the most commercial appeal. I can’t see Interscope going to Top Dawg like “WE NEED THAT AB SOUL RECORD??”………. His stuff is built for a niche, underground audience, and we all know those type of fans would throw money into a burning fire before they would spend it on music. He’ll top out at 100K sales if he’s lucky, and probably wouldn’t have sold anymore on a major, so he’s better off staying indy and getting the bigger cut of the check.

  • tha OG

    Absoul is just going to go gold and thats it

    • Yet he’ll still make more than the majority of these artist signed to these big record labels

    • Boomie Rogers

      Who cares? The music is still dope. That’s all that matters. Better than all the other coon shit out there