Alexis Glenn – Be Wary

Alexis Glenn hails from Atlanta. This Georgia State student, finishing her Sociology degree, allowed destiny to guide her to be with the right people at the right time to walk with her journey as she shares her passions for singing, songwriting and captivating audiences with her live performances.

Surprisingly Alexis’ name means “to defend” and when you hear her sound you will know Alexis name was destined as she ‘defends’ soul music as if she birthed it. “I loved to sing as far as my memory would go; it’s the writing that shocked me. It has always been therapeutic, but I noticed I had something ahead of my time once I started writing in school. Writing gave me a way to understand my feelings.” Alexis couldn’t have been better chosen as she has studied her craft and all the soulful greats that have come before her.

Her debut mixtape release, “Irrational Illustrations at Heart,” is an 8-piece eclectic ensemble of many different soulful genres, from soul, Jazz and R&B to Pop and HipHop. Although not quite a standard album length of tracks, each song takes the audience thru every emotion possible. Alexis Glenn introduces herself, her passion, her fears, her vengeance, and regrets.

“I titled the mixtape, Irrational Illustrations at Heart, because I think with my heart and never with my brain which causes me to act irrational almost all the time. It’s me illustrating that in songs, and that is the real me. The initial thoughts not the ones that have been rationalized.”

One of the first songs she released to the public was “As It Is.” Alexis describes as, “The title is a bit self-explanatory. It’s about being in a time and place in your relationship in which you’re not exactly sure what’s gonna happen. You don’t know which way to go with it. The best teller of anything is time, so there it is ‘“time is gonna do it’s bid sand drop down and leave this love as it is”’ Things can get in a place where you just let go and throw your hands in the air, but you’re praying for the best. From the deepest part of your heart you’re hoping for the best.”

Alexis has worked with two amazing, rising producers, Kebu, (also known as rapper – Alkebulan) and Childish Major. Alexis will continue to build her following so she can share her talent with the world. Alexis Glenn debut download [FREE]: