AllHipHop CEO’s Talk About Being On Top For 15 Years

  • dfwricwil

    Big ups to the brethren for doing their thing with this Hip Hop because we all know that if they hadn’t taking that step to create an avenue for us to voice ourselves about situations within our community or even get a chance to check out the unsigned artist then who knows what. Good job!!!

  • KO

    Congrats to you guys! It’s well deserved. You guys showed me love so i’m returning it!!

  • Immortal

    It’s one things to be on top for 15yrs and that’s great, but it’s another to stay on top. If you don’t listen to those that made you great, one day you’ll be looking at someone who did listen to those talking to you and they’ll be the new and improved “worlds most dangerous site”.

  • Bodie

    Fukk AHH

  • Tony G.

    I wonder what the criteria is that’s used to pick the “best” site….this site is cool…but if the writing got better it could be superb