Bags The Boss- “A Ride Thru Southside” (VIDEO)

Queens artists Bags the Boss’ new EP, The Drive has sprouted a new visual. In the new video for “A Ride Thru Southside”, Bags the Boss takes viewers through Jamaica, Queens.

Keeping with the driving motif that permeates his EP, Bags spoke with CULTUREDAPPROVED for the original series “Live From The Underground” while riding through the streets of New York.

Check out Bags the Boss’ new music video “A Ride Thru Southside” below:

  • Killuminati

    never heard of em…he ok tho

  • dell

    Corny as fu@k. A) he’s not driving B) when did posting up on the safe coliseum block substitute for south side?????? I’m going to make a joint called ride through ChiRaq and film the video by the Navy Piers lmao. Fail.