Beanie Sigel feat. State Property – “The Reunion”

“The Reunion” is the first single off Beanie Sigel’s forthcoming This Time album, set for release on August 28 on Ruffhouse/EMI.

  • PL

    Cool vid! Anybody know who the asian chick is?

    • her name is Kate Ming lol 😉 sike but one of those other chicks looks familar looks like one of my fb friends i know that ass anywhere as much as she exposes it on my timeline lol 😉 as much as i hate to see females degrade themselves like this the man in me is def liking what im seeing lol guilty pleasure lol but i could of had the same feelings if these beautiful ladies went with a more classy look no need to let is all hang out but then again u go to strip clubs shopping for models why dress’em up lol 😉

  • dope!!