Birdman, Lil’ Wayne & Nicki Minaj Accept BMI Icon Award

Birdman and Slim of Cash Money were named BMI Icons at 2013 BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards. Birdman, Wayne and Manny Fresh gave a “trap-style” acceptance speech for the ages! Trina, Ace Hood and Curren$y performed Cash Money songs in tribute of the award.

  • Casor_G

    Damn he dickriding hard!!! Dude is an embarrassment but I respect his hustle. The tatoos ruined this fool’s chance at ever being a legitimate role model

  • Prestrev

    This guy under me obviously is unaware to and miss the whole point to CMB as a company and birdman speech. They did it their way! With selling out. That role model aspect should be as you stated ” his hustle”. Looking past the appearance, we should try to model our businesses after what these guys have roled out. And that’s dressing, acting( of course decent) and living the culture that you lived prior to mingling with other cultur vultures. Stay true! Appearance and reality, there lies a profound difference.

    • Casor_G

      Tattoos on his face dawg!!!

    • guest

      I think the older you get the more naturally u mature, not necesarily about succes with money but intelligence, these niggas are just frauds

    • They did it without sellin out?? And WHAT planet did this occur on again??

      • Prestrev

        Explain how the did? Out Birdman own mouth he stated in a Don Diva interview why he dress, have tats and move how he choose, and that because he “didn’t sell out” call him up and speak to him. In just saying what he said( not saying that’s its true) and he give reason why other mogul c”clean up” so to speak, because they sold out

      • His appearance don’t have a thing to do with it, that coonerific bullshit they try and pass off as music is how they sold out. “Beat the pu$$y up like Emmitt Till”?? Only a true Sambo would even THINK those words, let alone record em…let ALONE allow those words to reach the masses. And that line’s just one example of SO many that can be used…but I don’t have the time to list em all, and AHH don’t got the server space for that long of a comment.

      • Prestrev

        Understand about the Emmit Till reference . But music is an art, art is style, and style is unique to the individual, thus reflecting their culture ( hip hop but from thier attitude) . And again dressing in a suit doesn’t suggest your grown, as dressing so called “hood” or I rather HipHop doesn’t indicate folly. And if your from the street or have a minor understanding of that you will know not to profile people in suits. Get what I’m saying!

      • Oh…and so if a cat puts on a suit he’s sellin out and not just bein on some grown man shit, huh? That’s some of the most backwards ass logic I’ve ever heard or read, and I done heard/read some outlandish shit in my day…

  • Prestrev

    ***Without selling out

  • jd

    Should’ve never gave you niggas money!!

    • STPizzle

      Never should’ve gave you niggas money!!!

      • Sean Taylor

        Never should have given you niggas money!!!!

      • STPizzle

        Obviously you have no f*cking clue…smh

  • This is why white people feel so justified in using the N word.

  • He Sounded Drunk, But The Reality Is…He’s Rich Enough Not To Care…They Did It and Like The Guys Below Said They Did It They’re Way and You Can’t Knock Them For It…#Salute

  • Sean Taylor


  • originalcru

    Quote of the year from Birdman “i was trapping before i was rapping and then i started rapping and trapping then i just started rapping”

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