Bizzle Feat. No Malice – Soldier

  • Ron Johns Jr.

    Bizzle best rapper out there! He’s the only rapper who’s called out the federal reserve of debasing our currency.

  • Yarden †

    Bizzle and No malice! thats whats up #GOM Glory to GOD not MAN. Jesus is KING

  • LightInTheDark911

    Biz goes in as always!!!

  • Dillon Padgett


  • To God b the Glory the song is tight like that#Team GOM 🙂

  • TruJerz

    cats ain’t messing with Biz man. he keep it 100. thank God for this brother!

  • Michael May

    Hands down the homie Bizzle is the most talented rapper in the game. On top of that, he raps about the truth which is Jesus is the way to true contentment. Not money, sex, drugs, clothes, cars, ect. They can’t save you, only Jesus can! #GOM

  • Lil Lee

    This is a life-changing message…Dope! GodOverMoney

  • Dramaless

    My favorite rapper by far. He gets it. He understands how much media plays a roll in how we look at life. #GOM

  • Biz is one of the realist rappers who is not afraid to speak the truth! GOM!

  • #TeamGOM People need to open up their ears and stop listening to that othere riff raff! Best music out there!

  • Love the song, Love the video. Looking forward to the album. All glory to God! #GodOverMoney

  • JazzyLadyy

    Bizzle goes hard!!! Let the truth be told!!

  • THIS SONG!!!!

  • Malik Harris

    Stoppin her to show Bizzle love all the way from the Chi.

  • Garry Shepard

    gospel rap at its finest

  • #TeamGOM Glory be to GOD #SupportTheReal !!!

  • Frankandbelindabell

    Love it!.God bless you Bizzle

  • Biz and No Malice at the same dang time…#Christswag they better be ready because we here!!!!

  • Bizzle and No Malice letting the world know that Christ is still running things! Message Music.

  • God Over Money

  • Nika

    Bizzle is a beast. This song speaks so much truth. It’s refreshing to hear a rapper rap about issues that are relevant and have substance. He speaks on things that many won’t address. Grateful for God Over Money and what they represent. I will continue to support Bizzle and the God Over Money team.

    • Ebony Williams

      Well said Nika!

  • $4815478

    God Over Money!


  • Dwayne

    Beast Mode!

  • cs

    #GOM Always reppin’!! #Realhiphop

  • biggregg1582

    GodOverMoney! Bizzle is the realist rapper out, and the most talented in my opinion.

  • Buryu

    #Truth #Love

  • Jaron Jones

    Bizzle flow was nice! He always kill it tho. Im really diggin No Malice too tho, he really reppin Jesus and STILL goin hard… “I gave Jacob 30 G’s, the whole time Jesus was Free!” haha #GodOverMoney

  • LevoneF

    Bizzle is that dude! Hot track. Glad to see Kingdom Music getting more attention. The World needs it

  • disqus_mnyULNH0KA

    “we aint goin away, so get used to it. GOD OVER MONEY is the new movement, and it’s truth music”

  • Raymond Matthew Amador

    Bizzle always makes good music. Have not heard a bad song by him yet and always giving out knowledge to the listeners. GOD Over Money all day!!!!!

  • ktdin319

    Man G.O.M. smashin the game for Christ… Ain’t nobody messin wit it. These boys done drew the line in the sand!,,, Wuzzup world??? #getlikechrist

  • Adrian Macias

    Real Hip Hop speaking the truth Praise to God. On that Romans 1:16 Luke 9:23 all day! Dont wear one on yo chest if you dont bear one on your back!

  • MDV

    Biz did his thing as always! NoMalice is in fire too! I know the enemy is mad, Kingdom business is in full effect. GOM

  • N.Y.S.C.E.

    For All Who Think That Christian Hip-Hop is corny! What you got to say now!? NOT A DANG THANG! *Chris Tucker Voice* Jesus Juice Drankin!

  • pop

    Awwready! Real talk on this track! GOM ALL DAY

  • Ricardo Bonilla

    Team GOM all the way praise God…Biz and No Malice going all in. ;D

  • This is what the music game needs, truth!!! Finally someone is talking about something real! Keeping Christ in the equasion is what this game is missing. Its our time for God’s children to rise!!! Team GOM keeping it real to the G-code, that’s the God code. All day!

  • Guest

    To God be the Glory! Bizzle…..No Malice this is crazy hot! Keep God first!

  • JP

    So dope #GOM

  • These 2 cats Bizzle and No Malice are soilders on the frontlines.. God Over Money putting God over the dollaz!!!

  • Kevon Kindle McCready

    Now this is what I’m talking bout! Reppin JESUS harder than most dudes rep they set! I’m wit it!!! Lets go fam!

  • This is what the music game is missing, Truth!!! It’s time for God’s children to rise and not be afraid to speak up. Keeping thee Christ in the the equation is what this music industry needs… GOM all day keeping it real to the God code!



  • Matt Vactor Sr.

    God over Money! It’s the REAL and God inspired movement! To God be the glory for the things He has done!

  • So dope. The rap game is more alive than ever thanks to artists like this. God Over Money!!

  • Torance Jones

    Bizzle goes in on this! No Malice did his thing too. Great work. Keep it up.

  • disqus_C2UJf06pMJ

    Bizzle is the best….straight truth music!

  • #GOM Bizzle always goes hard and No Malice went in too#Kingdom Truth Music

  • GOMer


  • jt5050

    easily best song on here right now! givin the ppl the truth. #GOM

  • Lovin this track so much. GOM….

  • Ewell Netter

    Gom’in… God is taking Hip Hop back.

  • illholla

    Great Track…It’s A New Day…Its A New Era…Bizzle & Team Is Here To Stay!!!

  • youngchaser7

    Realest Mc since 2pac who else making music in this content and its riding at the same time..on point bizzle

  • eric freezin

    This cat coming over to GOM is a true sign of what god is doing for the hiphop industry aint no time left to b playing games we winnin over here kingdom swag an props to no malice for following your heart homie always knew you had it in ya GOD SOLDIERS STAND UP

  • We need more of this on this site!!! This is God Over Money!!! and Jesus Over Everything!!! Get used to it!

  • This is beast! Please take this to the blocks where they swear it ain’t no hope… and pour it out for these thirsty souls!

  • Luciano Sandvliet

    Team GOM, we here!

  • GOM all day! this track is what up. Seriously goes hard for the kingdom of God. and to be honest exposes the industry for what it is. who can stand next to this pfff. This is truth music.




    God over Money!!!!! Kingdom Music!!!!! we here baby!! Lets go!!!

  • bkd116

    This. Is. HipHop.

  • Keep up the fight Bizzle

  • that’s whats up!


  • Jbizzy

    Reppin our Daddy!,the King of Kings,and the Lord of Lords!

  • Man I cant get enough of this track. It is just TOOOOOOO FLIPPIN REAL

  • hoeyuno

    This is dope.