Boosie Bad Azz “Me And My N*ggas” (Behind the Scenes Video Shoot)

Boosie drops the behind the scenes footage to his video “Me and My N*ggas,” which includes footage of Boosie, Webbie and other members of the team enjoying filming in LA among a host of models and everything else that comes along with a rap music video.

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  • Top5iveAlive

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    This nicca is THE WORST lyricist/MC EVER! Was GARBAGE went he went in for killin’ young black men, & WORST GARBAGE Now, with this lame brain thinkin’ he’s on the LEVEL of the GREATEST ICON in HIP HOP HISTORY, the late great Tupac ‘2PAC’ Shakur! GTFOH with this BULLSH*T!

    • Gonja

      Yea.. mfs be fooling with that Tupac Boosie comparisons.. It’s usually young people.. the mfs who weren’t even born when Pac died.

    • Clondyke Classic

      It’s not the rap ability they compare Boosie to Pac it’s the impact they have on their fans. That part is exactly the same

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    All i see ignorance

  • Clondyke Classic

    Every team need a Trill nigga like Webbie. A nigga that you know gon ride or die with you no matter what.