Boosie Speaks Press Conference

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  • 1SOFLO1

    Riding the wave, Boosie brand is strong and trending. Good for him! I wish more rapper gets out of prison with that type of hype.

  • best part when webbie speaks.. srsly lol at this dude

    • kixxxers


  • David Gonz

    angelea yee been eatin them xtra large ny pizzas . her and ms info lol

  • David Gonz

    jeezey a fuq boy

  • jj

    come on guy, jeezy is not a fucq boy…! wats a fuq boy?

  • Kenneth Shyne


  • @iamvanessadenis

    love my boo @angelayee she always out in these streets doing her thang. xoxox @iamvanessadenis