Calvin “Klein” Bacote Talks About His Former Drug Kingpin Days & History With Jay Z

During the ’80s and ’90s, Calvin “Klein” Bacote was one of the most feared stick-up men in New York City. Following his brothers footsteps, Calvin made his own way in the drug game and says,


“When I did I took it by storm.”


In 1989 he took a case for a teenaged Jay Z.  Calvin said Jay Z was willing to take the charge.


“He never had anybody like myself  that he looked up to so much.”



Watch as Calvin “Klein” Bacote sits down with Complex and tells his story.


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  • InTheNightKitchen

    It sucks sometimes that in life you have to go through things in order to have an appreciation or understanding for/of life. And what’s even worse is that if you haven’t walked the walk, no one is trying to hear you or respect you. So it’s like in order for big changes to be made within our communities sometimes we need big (positive) changes from the people who did dirt.

    That’s dope that homeboy turned over a new leaf, I hope his new journey does some good in the hood.

  • Sadat

    Finally focusing on himself.