Cassidy – Control Freestyle (Kendrick Lamar Diss)

  • Caliwaver

    He spazzed on this shit.

    • Casor_G

      HE talking about these corny NY rap clowns, when he says “putting together words that rhyme that don’t make sense…meant for people who don’t use they mind” yea SHOTS FIRED to some of you disrespectful NY gumps..

      I like this rhyme though! This is real! Murdered Kendrick Lamar like the over rated rapper that he is. ahahahahahahah man this is so sincere

  • Shawn

    How is this a diss when he gives Kendrick props at 3:40? Sounds like he agrees with him to me.

    • Eitherr

      but he also said Kendrick can never out rap him

    • Caliwaver

      He gave him props but he dissed him a few times to.

    • Spadey

      because by 5:40 he says Kendrick couldn’t outshine him on a song if he wanted to.

  • Eitherr

    ok this goes on my list as number 1 best response to Kendrick then joel

    • scullyson

      I think you might be right…Dont get it twisted Joell put his thing down sumin fierce but uh Cass went for the Jugular ! smh

    • Celz

      Joell’s was shorter but more complex imo.. Hot shyt though.. This shyt was common place in the late 90s all these niccas need to step it up fa real.. This was a long overdue wake up call.. I remeber when DMX vs Jay-Z came out sheesh…

  • Freezamon


  • JEDI


  • KC The American Pimp

    Idk but IMO cass and lupe drop some true rap shit. That nigga started rapping in German cleverly put together I might add the beat was nice to. Hope some west coast bay niggas get in on this action

  • jacksjus

    Both Cass and Joell Ortiz bodied this track so much to the point that Big Sean and Jay Elec’s verses are now irrelevant.

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      Jay’s Elecs verse is dope but Big Sean why do you mentioned him his verse was never relevant he is WACK got dam!

      • jacksjus

        Well it is his song. Lol!

  • jacksjus

    They should release a version now with K. Dot, Cass, Joell, and King Los. The problem is it would be a 20 minute song, but still it would be hot.

  • scullyson

    N8&^^ said he in the booth wit construction boots and a hard hat.. Lyrical Beast….For real….smmfh

  • $13555339

    I fell asleep…

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    This was cool!

  • Malik

    OMG…Cassidy chimed in!
    This ish is getting crazy now.
    B.A.R.S. (Barry Adrian Reese Story) for days!!

    I’m tired of hearing all ’em jewelry and car raps
    the making it rain and buying out the bar raps
    I got hyped when I heard that Kendrick Lamar rap
    I’m in the booth with construction boots and a hard hat
    I’ll bring it back to life
    these cats ain’t acting right
    these cats all rap alike
    I never heard a rap I like
    – Cassidy

    • johnblacksad

      I never heard a rap I like…. left me like WHOA!


    I don’t know if we listening to the same sh!t! He got some good bars, but this sh!t boring…… his flow is monotonous. To “punch-liney”.

    • LiddyBug86


  • Malik

    What’s gonna be real funny is if non of the rappers he named-checked dropped a response.

    It’s safe to say J.Cole, Big KRIT and Pusha T would bark back but I don’t know about Wale, Tyler, Mac Miller and Meek Mill cuz I never bothered a day to listen to any of their records, so I can’t call it.

    For fvcksake, what is Drake gonna SING about in response?…lol

    And does anyone think 2Chainz is gonna drop bars?

    • j_pullia

      This is 2chainz worst nightmare right here! LOL!!

      • johnblacksad

        ROTFL… LMAO!!


      what about Nicki Minaj?… no female rapper gave a response or am I wrong?… shit is weird…

  • chosenxeno

    Ya’ll know how Philly do. Kurupt left here and went West and became a GOD!

    • Malik

      Kurupt is one sick animal. Even Eminem duffs his hat to homeboy.

      • chosenxeno

        I still listen to “Puffin’ on Blunts…..” every now and then to hear him kill it.

      • johnblacksad

        Just watched it… Kurupt went in!

  • Mos High

    That was nice Ortiz and Cassidy so far came with some heat the rest have been sub par

  • MrNoName2K

    Cassidy still goin hard..

  • Spadey

    Tight work, and I don’t really mess wit Cass like that.

  • TheInternetTroll

    What’s funny is that Kendrick can spit maybe twenty seconds of lyrics (while touring) and ignite the whole rap world. Cassidy just devoted a five minute song in response to about twenty seconds worth of lyrics from Kendrick Lamar. And he won’t be the only one. Love him or hate him, but you know you have power when you can get that sort of a response from a bunch of people.

  • Treezy

    OOOO the Gillie mention… Cass Bodied it though!

  • RBG

    lol, I dont like that hes dissing Kendrick, but like the verse

  • Slaughtr


  • illness

    the purpose of lyrics was to force the new wack rappers to step their game. if the only ones who respond are known lyricists, the the whole point of the verse is defeated. its like preaching to the choir


    cass still doing dudes dirty on da mic, that’s ill hip-hop for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • str84ward

    cass got all up n k .

  • LiddyBug86