Charlamagne to Jamar: Hip Hop is for All Races Now

  • hisloss

    Charlamagne looking more like Jafar now…..
    But what he doesn’t realize that its not about sharing hip hop with other races, its about how they plan it kick us out of it.
    2/10 Charla, I would not suck you off.

  • wickedjones


  • kwimby72

    Brand Nubian were signed by white a&r Dante Ross is white who signed BN Ppl are hitting up LJ because he creates controversy and he isn’t a mainstream artist and nor will he get blow back to where it will effect his career and he may speak for some ppl but not for all cuz I’m sure Afrika Bambataa who is one of the true gods of the culture will have a different aspect because his views are bridging the gap and bringing all cultures together under Hip Hop