Custom Made DXB – Hating On Me feat Krayzie Bone

  • chachi perez

    verry dope concept Need Me those Glasses Fresh music

  • tarik sgarik

    everybody has a hater in their lives

  • micheal trabez

    hey should do a remix with the rest of the BT-member, that would be sick!! dope song

  • stefendark

    Amazing how you braught the song to live !! With these next level visuals

  • King Koopa

    this has a nice vibe to it, nice laid back song .. clean video. keep doing yo thang

  • Nathalie Jennings

    thanx for sharing this video! loved it, i pretty much love everything krayzie does <3

  • felicio magernath

    Dude done made a smooth chorus, thumbs up

  • Martha Valentine

    I’m allergic to haters. Side Affects?? May cause me to slap a bitch. They did their thing well and K.B. holding it down as usual #love

  • Ace Boogie

    HATING is an emotional disease… so for those who hate on this… Hope you MF’s get well soon…

  • Kris Agostinelli

    Mannnn 4 real tho’.. i wish i had an angel looking out for me like that, dope concept with those hatershades and all.

  • Brittany Williams

    I like that Krayzie is doing his solo thang no matter what! good featuring.. dope song