Dame Dash: Lyor Cohen Ruined Roc-A-Fella

Dame Dash explains why he called music industry exec Lyor Cohen a “culture vulture” on Instagram, telling VladTV that he believes Lyor should move on from Hip-Hop and “stop raping our culture.”

He then questions what Lyor and Joie Manda have contributed to Hip-Hop culture while holding higher positions at esteemed music labels. Speaking about his own interaction with Cohen, Dame says that he’s never had a problem with Jay Z, and says Lyor “ruined” Roc-A-Fella Records.

Dame says that Lyor “is a fake CEO”

Source: VladTV


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  • j_pullia

    Lyor is the reason they fell apart, but at the same JayZ had to be a shady dude to go with the plan. He was the benefactor of the split.

  • j_pullia

    Very truthful and powerful information he’s speaking. He’s in a position to speak on it since he’s already separate from the situation. Current moguls have too much to lose to speak on this.

  • american spring

    damn this dude only speaks the truth and open peoples mind

  • >>Fuggz with DAME!

  • Slaughtr


  • Terrance

    Say what you want about Dame, but at least he is airing out the truth about Black folks being exploited.

    • Black Adam

      Thats nothing we didnt alrdy know.

      • Terrance

        We? You mean the folks up here on this board? Cause a lot of folks in the general public are STILL blind to the FACTS.

        I know… Hindsight is 20/20 and Dame should probably have done this BEFORE he was in his current situation.

        However, I still like to hear about this stuff tho…

  • Sean Power

    dame got take some blame too

  • Come on Dame, these are things you should have revealed a long time ago fella.


    Damon may be correct on some of these things…THE PROBLEM IS HE NEVER SAID ANY OF THIS WHEN HE WAS GETTING $$$$ WITH THESE SAME PEOPLE!!!! THERE’S PLENTY OF FOOTAGE OF HIM BARKING AT LOW LEVEL DEF JAM EMPLOYEES & EVEN KEVIN LILES ON THE BACKSTAGE MOVIE, YET WHERE IS ANY FOOTAGE OF HIM SCREAMING, HOLLERING OR YELLING AT LYOR COHEN?!!?!?! He bodied his self by saying they can’t black ball him now…If he was so pissed off before even when he was getting $$$ he should’ve been calling then “Culture Vultures”. Instead he comes off 1,000,000% like a dude who scrambling to stay relevant & for the hater’s who always shit on Jay & big up Dame’s knowledge & management how come Cam’ron isn’t as least 1/10th as BIG as Jay??!?!!?!?

  • Chuck Haze

    Yet he was taking that paperbag money from Lyor.

  • Black Adam

    Dame seems to be on the warpath. I wonder how long “they” will let him go on like this and if anyone will back him up and join the fight.

  • Mhmmmmmmmm

    Old white men is runnin’ this rap shit
    Corporate force is runnin’ this rap shit
    We poke out our asses for a chance to cash in

    – Mos Def “The Rape Over”

    • oliguti

      true true!!1

  • oliguti

    Is he Dame Diddy, Dame Daddy or Dame Dummy?
    Oh, I get it, you Biggie and he’s Puffy

  • oliguti

    Not that long ago this man was dancing in yachts, not wanting or caring for the best of Hip Hop

  • Spirit Equality

    Okay, so when is Vlad going to interview Lyor, Julie, Joie and Todd Moscowitz, then? Or anybody? Combat Jack? Dame makes a great point about the lack of Lyor interviews, he’s been active in hip-hop since the mid-80s and I can’t recall seeing an interview with Lyor *ever*. Why not? As a side note, BBC just did a great interview with Rick Rubin (who I’ve never heard anyone ever say a bad word about).