Daz Dillinger – What’s Your Pleasure feat. Snoop Dogg

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    Drake claims he started from the bottom but this is a brother who really did (or still is at). He aint have nothing but a dream. Just to record the audio for this in a studio took money he aint have, but you gotta do what you gotta do to make your dream come true. Everything about this video speaks real hip hop. Real hip hop is about bringing other people into your life and making them feel your emotions as if they were in your shoes, if you support real hip hop check this out.

    you tube . c0m (/) watch?v=kwNyl_uWQfY

  2. Dan_Tebasco

    Love the harmonies of this track dope… Daz does his thing as well… Best solo Daz song I’ve heard since 1998 I think…

  3. kandy830

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