DJ Khaled Ft. Jay Z, Meek Mill, Rick Ross & French Montana – “They Don’t Love You No More”

DJ Khaled gets Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, & French Montana together for video for his single “They Don’t Love You No More”.

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  • King Cold

    Weak af

  • InTheNightKitchen

    Damn Jay, you don’t love them no more? Couldn’t make the vid b? LMAO

    • Frank

      and he was the main reason I clicked on the shit

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  • jdubba

    Khaled has the worst pretend golf swing ever.
    And if the biggest person in your song doesn’t show up for the video…. pick another single to make a video from, it looks real bummy.

  • Frank

    nah shit is dope. I hate money-bling rhymes too, but settin that aside, it was just what I expected and more. They had a floating court, swingin golf off the top, wtf was that 18 wheeler?, yo that was aight. (no Jay?) Kinda big pimpin’ esque. Needed more bitches tho.

  • Glasscut

    Lol jay-z didn’t even show up for the video.. ridiculous and the song says they don’t love you no more.. I guess jay is starting to really look at these coons like a liability.. I don’t blame him..

  • Killuminati

    Why jay z trying to be like meek mill screaming like a girl n shit on his adlibs? And last time I checked lacrosse goes hard as fuk lol.