DNA on Lux vs Hollow: “It’s The Ultimate Test”

  • Elayorx El

    Ok DNA, I see you. Great breakdown of the upcoming highly anticipated battle, and if I had to choose, which I would never do, but if, I’d have to agree, and say whomever blinks first with this one, would probably lose. But, it really looks as if nothing sacred will ever be able to maintain it’s purity, and zeal, under the current system in which we are “forced” to operate. Guap, Bread, Stacks, etc, are not the problem, so much as the way in which they can be used, and manipulated. The essence has definitely been compromised, but such is life, as they say, right? We need to start doing this like tennis, and have state battles next, if it hasn’t been done already, like on some team ish. I so hate to be biased, but Jersey would take that, no question….lol Respect!