Drake – “Worst Behavior”

  • Brindle

    he look like a badly bred pug, you know, when that one eye don’t act right… and why somebody else’s hood in the background? fools need to quit letten other fools pay for passes

    • Given2Much

      Mayne you crazy! Gettin lames to pay for a pass is easy money, and they pay well.

      • Brindle

        LOL, I’m knowen. But drake? I’ll debate the homies on that. “if ya’ll say yeah, I’m taking my Xbox and my liquor and I’m going home. No pups for u”

      • Jared


  • justmathoughts

    why is this headlines?

    • Embassy

      its not headlines its worst behaviour, headlines is the one with the elevator

      • justmathoughts

        hahahaha, i set myself up for that

  • Reverbnation dot com/Roycebzm

  • Embassy

    this has been out for a minute, why front page news?

  • wallace

    So how much did Drizzy/Young money pay you guys to get that random front page?

  • Sydewayz Soundz

    This a old ass video, why is it news?? Drake need to pump his brakes, he actin way too hard for being a Degrassi ass nigga…we know this fool softer than cake mix.

  • SMH…who got payed?

  • What Drake know about the hood? GTFOH!

  • Papi Peligro

    Man this ain’t about the hood. Its about Memphis. He just showing the pimps in Memphis. Nothing about no hood.