E-40 x Young Jeezy x French Montana x Chris Brown x Red Cafe x Problem “Function (Coast to Coast Remix)”

  • widestar

    Cool… CB needs to drop more flows like this…

    • You got to be kidding. No he needs to stop rapping period it is not good man. I hate to hear what you think a really good mc is probably drake or lil wayne right?

  • iight time to keep it real or as the dick riders n excuse makers tell me, get my hate on right quick.. e-40? verse started real wack, didnt get too much better.. jeezey verse??, kind, grind, time mind, u kno its abc rhyme time… smh… they made brown n french sound better… red had the best verse tho.. n it wasnt all that..but brown had the best flow

  • toreal

    Finally something from the West worth listening to.