Erica Mena & Cyn Santana Make Out on Air via HOT 97 Morning Show

5 Responses to “Erica Mena & Cyn Santana Make Out on Air via HOT 97 Morning Show”

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      do you blame tho i mean they are kissing right there n all kinds of ish even if they werent could you still blame them lol ijs lol

  1. CantBeSerious

    SMH not only do u have to wory about dudes getting at your girl now you have to do your research on her homegirls is it me or is this gay shit going entirely too far smh and people wonder why the other countries call americans devils these kids are 10 and 11 years old claiming to be gay smh off some shit they seen on TV some sad stuff man

    • KLewis

      Most countries (most likely Middle Eastern) call Americans “devils” because of our messed up foreign policy, not because some girls kiss each other. Besides, what right do they have to call us devils when in some of their cultures its ok to rape young girls and keep teenage male concubines. Let these consenting adults be consenting adults. About 11-year-olds, you probably knew some dude or chick was gay back in 6th grade by how they acted, don’t act like gay people just got invented by TV.

  2. wei sheng

    this is what happens when the plan they set in place many years back is working. Feminize the head of the house and it crumbles in every aspect of family, from the women to the children. I’m a man and never have i thought girl on girl was sexy. it’s carnal, it’s like watching 2 guys, call me weird, but those who find it sexy have been programmed to think so. wake up, i once was lost but thank God for His Son Jesus, yea Jesus, seems we forgot about Him. Lord have mercy on Amerikkka!

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