EXCLUSIVE: MaleAwarenessFoundation.org and Ice-T Have A Message For You

Check out these messages from Ice-T and MaleAwareness Foundation’s founder, Mickey Bentson.

5 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: MaleAwarenessFoundation.org and Ice-T Have A Message For You”

  1. Mark Olford

    just had my 40….was stressing cause I smoked for the past decade, gave them evil thangs up but glad doc did fool check up cause sugar and cholesterol was high as well as that acid that causes got….anyways brothers take care of your self and cut back on the sugar and fried foods…..it will kill you….Good to see the OG speak on this

  2. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    folks also need good health insurance too i know alot entertainers dont have that option and they have to pay the full bills which is something that stops alot of folks from going …….

  3. Asher "Black Bomb" Sommer

    Great move and more than necessary. The blacker our skin is the less we see any changes. And most of us think we are Supa Nigga anyway. Totally disregarding all the junk food we eat. While white upper class people tend to buy anything organic. We are at the counter of the local fatburger and consider 3 half pounders in a meal with some wangs a healthy meal. Drinking nothing but canned soda or energy drinks. Not even talking about malt liquor or Hennessy straight out the bottle. Working out only when about to start a sports career. Calling everybody gay who is looking for a healthier diet.
    And what most people of color are not aware of. We need more vitamins. Since our skin is dark we cannot get as many vitamins from the sun as white people do. Especially Vitamin D which can only be produced by our skin when exposed to sunlight. especially in the winter month most of us are depressed and feel sluggish. Even drug consumption goes up and it all gets triggered by a growing addiction.

    Google this and read about it. Time to get smart about health.

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