EXCLUSIVE: Rick Ross Goes In At Pool Party

Check out the exclusive Maybach Music Group pool party at Rick Ross’ Miami mansion.

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  • $31339281

    let me borrow one them oes Rozay, haha SELF MADE3- go get that

    • Matt Swan

      Man not brave enough to use Sandusky as my av lol if that’s who it is

      • $31339281

        hahaha alotta cats be postin racist sht on these sites about how fcked up blcks& minorities r- i just agree with them& let the picture speak for itself

      • Matt Swan


  • MercedNative209

    didnt see gunplay

    • Synista

      He is allergic to water!

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    LMAO @ the picure for this article. Rick Ross look like a straight creeper tryna spit game and ol girls like “HELL NO”

  • Synista

    Bet that ni99a think he Hugh Heffner surrounded by all them chicks lol
    and why that fool always rubbing his hands like it’s dinner time?

    • CutronomicalThought

      Because his big asz hungry..and how come people still listen to him?!..people call TI and Fiddy snitches..well what is Ricky then..

      • Synista

        Rawse is whose picture you would most likely find if you looked up the definition of Liar/Fraudster/Fabrication/ and most importantly delusional

  • baller187

    he livin it game over, he killin it

  • brotha_man

    Props to blacks having a good time….. the neighbors will prob start protesting though